When will Klay Thompson make Warriors return from injury?

Klay Thompson., Warriors

When will Klay Thompson finally make his comeback to the Golden State Warriors? That question has been relentlessly asked by NBA and Warriors fans in particular over the past two seasons – or since he suffered a serious lower-body injury in 2019. 

Thomspon making his way back to the Warriors this December will be an unforgettable Christmas gift for Golden State. Speaking of presents, Nitrogen Sports also has a lot reserved for you. Read on here on how to win Bitcoin prizes from our $14,000* Nitro All The Way 2021 Holiday Spectacle.

The wait for Thompson’s return could be over soon. It might not even take weeks before the Warriors get the other half of the Splash Duo brothers back. Stephen Curry certainly could not wait to run alongside the Robin to his Batman again. The Warriors’ core trio of Curry, Thompson, and Draymond Green is about to be complete for the first time in two years, based on the reports that have been coming out of late.

How are the Warriors doing in 2021, pending Klay Thompson’s return?

The Warriors are humming this season. Just check out their NBA Futures odds to win the championship to get an idea of how good they are. They are arguably the best team in the NBA during the ongoing 2021-22 campaign, and they are having success without one of their best players – ever. Of course, that’s Klay Thompson, who has missed the entire 2019-20 season because of an ACL tear that he sustained during the 2019 NBA Finals series against the Toronto Raptors. And just when he was seemingly on his way to returning to action in 2020, he suffered a devastating Achilles tendon injury just before the scheduled start of the 2020-21 NBA season. 

Ever since Thompson went down in 2019 with the knee injury, the Warriors have not made an appearance in the playoffs. Kevin Durant had also left them in free agency shortly after Golden State’s Finals loss to the Raptors. Then the Warriors hit rock bottom in the 2019-20 season in which they finished with just a 15-50 record. The following season, Curry tried his best to carry the franchise to the playoffs but the Warriors got struck out by the Los Angeles Lakers in the Play-in Tournament.


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This season, the Warriors have been something else. Curry is playing like a top contender for the MVP award again. With Andrew Wiggins filling in his role nicely and maturing into a much better two-way player and the Warriors playing immense defense, Golden State has managed to get itself all the way back to the top spot of the Western Conference.

It says a lot about how terrifyingly good this Warriors team is that even when the Phoenix Suns ripped an 18-game win streak, Golden State remained to own at least the share of the league’s best record. And with Klay Thompson about to return, one can only imagine how much greater the Warriors can be on the floor.

How much longer will the Warriors wait before Klay Thompson returns?

Apparently, it will not take much longer before Thompson makes his comeback. The Warriors have already recalled Thompson along with James Wiseman from the Santa Cruz Warriors, the Warriors’ G League affiliate organization.

Given the length of his absence, don’t expect Thompson to get heavy minutes right away once he’s back with the Warriors. Golden State surely can afford to manage his load, so it might take several days or even weeks before the Warriors allow him to play his typical pre-injury minutes.

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