NBA Rumors: LeBron James to Lakers a Done Deal

    June 26, 2018 | Basketball LeBron James to Los Angeles Lakers

    So, is the LeBron James to Lakers free agency move a done deal? Or just something NBA writers are running with to stir up the basketball rumor mill?

    James, who already once spurned his current team, the Cleveland Cavaliers some summers ago, is expected to become a free agent this 2018 NBA offseason. If he does hit free agency, it’s expected that he won’t be re-signing with the Cavaliers, a team he has led to the NBA Finals the last four seasons.

    The fact that James and the Cavs went 1-3 in those NBA Finals trips is another story, but could be the main reason why he’s leaving Ohio again this summer. After all, losing to the Golden State Warriors three of four times leaves a bad taste in the superstar’s mouth… And a great thirst to get back at his heated rivals with his own superteam.

    LeBron James to Lakers or Sixers?

    And that superteam could reside in Hollywood with the Los Angeles Lakers predicted to be major players in free agency with a big salary cap space this offseason– amounting to around $61.8 million.

    However, the L.A. team is not the only team that has big money to spend this summer. The Philadelphia 76ers are one of the teams with a considerable cap space ($30.5 million), which would allow them to directly sign LeBron as a free agent.

    There are also the Chicago Bulls ($39.4M), Sacramento Kings ($24.5M), Atlanta Hawks ($29.2M) and Dallas Mavericks ($23.8M) but those squads are not seen as serious players for James, who does not want to go to a losing/rebuilding franchise.

    Others argue that the Lakers are also a losing/rebuilding franchise. However, L.A has more than enough cap space that they can chase and sign two superstars in one summer. If they manage to get this big haul this offseason, not only will the Lakers win free agency but they become one of the title contenders in a tough Western Conference.

    There are teams that might have a shot at LeBron too, depending on what type of moves they can make this summer. If they do get a commitment from the 3-time NBA champion, these teams are expected to (semi) blow-up their current team since that means they will become instant title contenders with LeBron in their line-up.

    LeBron James’ Destinations: Houston, Utah or San Antonio?

    The Houston Rockets ($21.9M) have cap space but that’s before they sign star point guard Chris Paul, rising big man Clint Capela and a bunch of veterans like Trevor Ariza, Gerald Green and Joe Johnson. Rockets general Daryl Morey has to be extremely creative even if CP3 manages to convince LeBron to go to Houston.

    Others teams who might have a shot at LeBron are the Utah Jazz ($11.6M) and San Antonio Spurs ($9.5M), but like the Rockets, both those teams need to be very aggressive on the trade front to open up space for LeBron’s salary.

    LeBron James back to Cleveland?

    After all is said and done, LeBron might just pull off the greatest surprise this summer: stay home with the Cavaliers and try to help the franchise to return to the NBA Finals and win another championship. No place like home and he won’t have to go through another “The Decision” controversy, like when he left Cleveland to join the superteam Miami Heat four years ago.

    Where is LeBron James going this summer? Would the Lakers or Sixers be a good spot for him for another championship run? Can the Rockets, Jazz or Spurs attempt to clear salary cap space if it guarantees them a shot at acquiring one of the greatest players in NBA history?

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