Top 10 Unbreakable Major League Baseball Records

    May 6, 2019 | Baseball Sports Unbreakable Baseball Records

    Love it or hate it, numbers and statistics help define the beautiful game of baseball. There’s arguably no other sport in the world as obsessed with digits as baseball, which is also why many MLB records are venerated.

    Nitrogen Sports Blog has combed through the record books and came up with these 10 unbreakable baseball records which are likely to stand the test of time.

    Most wins in a single season

    As one of the longest running sports leagues, some MLB records date back to the 19th century. Charles “Old Hoss” Radbourn holds the record for most wins in a single season, and it definitely warrants inclusion on this list of unbreakable MLB records.

    While there is some dispute over whether this number is 59 or 60, it still places him high above any modern player.

    In this day and age of teams protecting the health and usage of their pitchers, it’s very unlikely to see a pitcher come even close to Radbourn’s record. Since 1972, only one pitcher (Steve Carlton in 1972) has won at least 27 games in a season.

    Most career no-hitters

    When a player reaches the skill level necessary to set records, they often set more than one.

    That’s certainly true of legendary pitcher Nolan Ryan, who has a total of seven no-hitters in his Hall of Fame career. No one else comes close to Ryan’s record.

    The next player with the most no-nos is Los Angeles Dodgers legend Sandy Koufax, who has four.

    Most consecutive no-hitters

    In June of 1938, Johnny Vander Meer pitched two no-hitters in back-to-back starts. A single no-hitter is reason enough to dominate sports headlines for days, even now. Two in a row sounds something inconceivable.

    Anything can happen in baseball but the high odds of someone even just duplicating the feat makes this part of the most unbreakable baseball records.

    Most career stolen bases

    When it comes to stolen bases, there’s Rickey Henderson then there’s everybody else. Henderson was on a league of his own in terms of stealing bags back in his days. He owns the MLB record for most career stolen bases with 1,406 — 468 more than any one in the history of the majors.

    What makes Henderson’s record even more untouchable is the lukewarm attitude of teams these days towards stealing bases. Among active players, Rajai Davis has the most with 415 career bases stolen.

    Most career complete games

    It’s amazing how Cy Young was able to finish his career with his right arm still intact. Young had pitched 749 complete games, a ridiculous total that should be unmatched, perhaps, forever.

    With the increased role of the bullpen and the priority given to the health of pitchers today, it’s safe to say that Young’s record will never be broken.

    In the hierarchy of unbreakable MLB records, Young’s number of complete games is higher than most.


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    Most home runs in a single game

    Several players have hit four home runs in a single game. While an impressive feat, there is nothing preventing a record match. It is the specific circumstances required to hit a fifth home run that make it impossible to break.

    A player stepping up to bat after four home runs in a single game has happened only twice in baseball history.

    Most hits in a single season

    Ichiro Suzuki had 262 hits in 2004. Suzuki’s consistency, coupled with a low number of walks, allowed him to break the record. That record had stood since 1920 – and no player since 2004 has seriously threatened Suzuki’s seemingly unbreakable baseball record.

    Most consecutive games

    Another relatively recent record, Cal Ripken Jr. played in 2,632 games in a row as of his 1995 season. The previous holder, Lou Gehrig, held the record for 56 years prior.

    Over time, the number of games and innings that each player participates have dropped. That makes this, and many other records, look unbreakable.

    Most career hits

    At 4,256, Pete Rose likely holds the permanent spot for most hits over his career.Rose is still banned from entering Cooperstown, but he still owns one of the unbreakable MLB records with his hit total Ichiro Suzuki has more career hits with 4,367, but over a thousand of those were made in Japan. His ‘official record in the MLB is 3,089.

    Most wins

    Cy Young holds the record for the most wins over his career. At 511, his record is 94 wins more than Walter Johnson, who’s No. 2 on the list. After all, there’s a reason the league’s prestigious Cy Young award is named after him.

    Baseball’s popularity may have waned over the past years, but the level of talent in the MLB remains high. Even with the proliferation of skilled ballplayers, though, the unbreakable baseball records mentioned above are likely to stay that way — at least for the foreseeable future.

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