MLB Tips for First Time Bettors

Basic MLB Betting Tips

MLB seasons are longer than other sports and there’s a variety of Nitrogen betting lines available each week. For those new to betting on America’s pastime, we prepared basic MLB betting tips for you to get ready.

It all comes down to player stats analysis and a little understanding of weather and location. This is just one of the many guides we have available to prepare first time bettors on how to bet on sports.

Understand the bullpen

Pitchers are an important piece to a baseball team, but starters can’t throw fast balls for all 9 innings. Reserved pitchers are placed in the ‘bullpen’ (area for pitchers to warm up during a game) when they are set to switch with the current pitcher.

Knowing if the team is equipped with reserves that are capable of maintaining the momentum is a good start. You should also note possible fatigue in pitchers that might carry over to the next game. It’s a long grind and the strain can affect one’s performance.

Some might not start the next game to avoid injury. Take note on a team’s top pitchers for any inconsistencies.


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Know the weather

Weather can play a vital role in your MLB wagers. Heavy winds to rainfall can affect a player’s performance on the field. Vision can be limited and the winds can make balls trickier to catch.

It’s tougher for a pitcher to properly throw a fastball in the rain, and running at top speed in different temperatures each week can take its toll on a player’s body. Cold and hot temperatures can tire out players faster, so expect a more aggressive rotation to keep players healthy for the long term.

The MLB has a lengthy season reaching spring, summer and fall. So make it a habit to check the weather conditions of a game and factor that in when you place your bets.

Home field advantage

This can be applied to other sports as well.

It helps to know if one team/player has a track record of performing better from home games than away. It’s a long grind and the feeling of support from the audience can go a long way for these players.

It’s also rare that a team gets swept in a series, so chances are high for a team to win the next game if they find themselves down by two games, but are going home for the third.

Spot the hot hitters

This is probably one of the most vital MLB betting tips we can mention.

Look up on recent stats to keep an eye out for hot hitters. Players on a role can make MLB props worth looking into to. Like, betting on who will make the first point in the game, or if a specific player will score a home run can be beneficial for the wise bettor.

Check a team’s best hitters and their batting average to see if they’ve been doing well in the past few games. If they are healthy and looking confident, you might want to take advantage of that hot streak.

The MLB season usually starts on March and ends roughly around October. When the season’s up, we have Nitrogen MLB betting lines for each game available every week, as well as props lines for specific games. Look out for more MLB betting tips or guides to bitcoin sports betting at Nitrogen Sports Blog.