The Major Betting Lines Found in Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports Major Betting Lines

The basics of learning how to bet on sports is fairly simple, but there are other betting lines that go beyond predicting the winner or the score of a given match.

There are more rewarding betting lines for the well-informed player, or those who appreciate a good twist on their wager. Some bets may last for weeks or months, while some will require you to stay glued to your screen, watching the game.

Types of betting lines

Here are the three major types of alternate betting lines you’ll see at Nitrogen Sports.


Futures are betting lines that show the odds of participating teams/players in a far-off event. These lines are usually up for months and provide odds to who will win a specific tournament, league, or championship.

You’ll also stumble across futures for individual players like, “who will win MVP in the next NBA season,” or an over/under line on the number of wins the Seattle Seahawks can pull off this season.

The odds for futures shift and are determined on a team/player’s previous performance as the event draws closer.
Futures Betting Lines


As you browse through the many betting lines, you’ll notice categories with the word ‘props.’ Short for proposition, these are betting lines driven by public interest, and are wagers with a unique condition and can be placed as either a moneyline, point spread, or over/under.

The types of props vary depending on the sport/esport and can range from focusing on a specific player to how the game will play out.
Here are a few more examples of prop lines:

  • If Ronaldo can pull off a hat trick in this game after getting one in the last game.
  • If the regular season game between the LA Lakers and Houston Rockets will hit double overtime.
  • Total kills for at the end of a Dota 2 match between them and Newbee.
  • Total receiving yards for Brandon Marshall against the Giants.

Props Betting Lines
These are where the players that have an affinity in a chosen sport/esport will shine. Players that are updated daily, analyzing stats to determine shifts in performance for each team or player.

It’s fun to browse through different prop lines in a given sport because most of them are really interesting to play.

In-Play Betting Odds


Live betting

Live betting is exactly how it sounds.

At Nitrogen, live betting is referred to as ‘In-Play Live’, and is a betting line providing various ways to place a wager as a game takes place live.

It’s all about reading momentum, keeping an eye on possible key players, or if there will be a sudden injury that could shake a team’s lead.

In-play betting can be intimidating for the inexperienced player, but for those confident in their knowledge of the game, the payout and thrill of placing bets while watching a game can feel exhilarating.
Examples of live betting:

  • Time of next goal in a soccer match.
  • A Basketball player to be benched for early fouls in the second quarter.
  • Team Liquid to take the second dragon from 100 Thieves in a League of Legends game.
  • Giants to make a run pass play to win the game against the Patriots.
  • Number of runs in the 7th inning of an MLB baseball game.

Live Betting Lines
For more information about sports betting, esports, or even general Bitcoin, be sure to check out our other guides. Also, visit Nitrogen Sports to see the various lines for Bitcoin betting available today.