How To Join Betslip Buy-in (BSB) Contests Using Your Betslip ID

Join Betslip Buy in contests

When it comes to contests and promos, Nitrogen Sports is the gift that keeps on giving to his players. The fun continues for everyone even after the launch of the new-look Nitrogen Sportsbook, but there might be some lingering questions that you want to be answered, especially about the new process of joining a betslip buy-in contest or promo. Also don’t forget to check out our sports betting guide to get additional wagering information.

What is a betslip buy-in?

Unlike Free contests and promos, Betslip Buy-ins require valid betslips before players can join them. In Free ones, players only need to own a Nitrogen Sports account to enter.

How would I know if my betslip is valid for a betslip buy-in contest/promo?

Each betslip buy-in contest can differ from another in terms of betslip requirements. However, all betslips submitted for Betslip Buy-in contests or promos should follow a specified Date Range and Minimum Bet Risk. In addition, the date and time used as a reference for determining the validity of each betslip — through its betslip timestamp — always follow the US Eastern Time format.

Where to find my Betslip ID?

Before, a player who wishes to use a betslip to join a betslip buy-in contest must submit the link to that betslip. There’s a minor change to that starting September 2020. Instead of betslip links, some contests may require Betslip IDs instead.

Now, let’s head over to a step-by-step guide of how to find your Betslip ID, which you need to submit in order to join a betslip buy-in contest.

  1. Go to your account’s Bet History.
    Bet History

  3. Find the betslip you are planning to submit. Unlike before, you can sort out your bet history according to date range and/or sport.
    Date Range Sport

  5. Compared to previous betslip buy-in contests and promos, the requirement for players to join those involve submitting a Betslip ID rather than a link to the bestslip.

  7. The Betslip ID of your past or pending bet can easily be found above the stated selection.
    Betslip ID Pending

  9. Once you have copied the Betslip ID, you can submit it to the contest or promo you are trying to join. Here’s how it would look like when joining a betslip buy-in Nitro Squares contest.

Check out the following links for additional details on the rules and regulations for Nitro Squares, Nitro Brackets.

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