Nitrogen Wants to Sponsor Your 2019 Fantasy League

Nitrogen Sports Fantasy League Sponsor

The hardest part of being a fantasy league commissioner is often the most overlooked: collecting buy-in fees. If you’re a commish, we want to make that part easy for you.

We know the heftier the prize, the more fun the competition in a fantasy league is going to be, so Nitrogen is offering an additional boost to your league’s prize.

Nitrogen can sponsor up to $500 in Bitcoin free bets for each of the first 20 fantasy leagues that will qualify for this offer. We’re looking at football (NFL) and basketball (NBA) leagues, but if you have other fantasy sports leagues not mentioned above (e.g. tennis fantasy, MMA fantasy, dodgeball fantasy(!), let’s talk and we’ll consider sponsoring those, too!

Imagine winning your league, having the bragging rights over your buddies for an entire year, and on top of those, pocketing sweet Bitcoin prizes. It can’t get any better than that, especially when you consider that your league doesn’t have to risk anything for this offer.

Fantasy League sponsorship general requirements


  • Your fantasy sports league must feature at least 12 unique teams/members.
  • Your fantasy league must run the entire season of that particular league.
  • Nitrogen reserves the right to refuse partnership with non-traditional sports leagues.
  • All members of the league must own/create a Nitrogen Sports account.
  • All members must have an active page on at least one of three channels: Facebook Group, Twitter or Forum (for approval). A representative from Nitrogen Sports must be invited/allowed access to this group/forum for verification and monitoring purposes.


Deadlines of applications for fantasy league sponsorship

NFL: September 30, 2019
NHL: October 31, 2019
NBA: October 31, 2019

*All deadlines can be extended, depending on demand!

Channel requirements

Requirements apply to one of following channels:
Facebook group

  • All members of the league must have a Facebook account.
  • The league must have a Facebook Group where updates from your league members (with Facebook account) will be found.
  • Updates may include weekly screenshots of your fantasy league pages,


  • All members of the league must have a Twitter account.
  • The league will be assigned a hashtag, which the league members (with Twitter accounts) will use to update @NitrogenSports.
  • Updates may include weekly screenshots of your fantasy league pages, standings and transactions, etc.


  • All members of the league must be a member of the same forum (pre-approved by Nitrogen).
  • The league members (and members of the same forum) must use a single thread or subforum for season updates.
  • Updates may include weekly screenshots of your fantasy league pages, standings and transactions, etc.
  • Members/commissioners can contact us at [email protected] or message us via private message on Twitter or Facebook.

Nitrogen Fantasy League Sponsorship
Nitrogen Fantasy League Sponsorship

Other terms and conditions


  • Breakdown of prizes: 50% of prize pool (champion), 30% (1st runner-up) and 20% (2nd runner-up).
  • All prizes will be paid in bitcoin free bets on the Nitrogen platform.
  • Nitrogen will decide which prize pool to assign for each league; minimum of $100 and maximum of $500.
  • Users can only win once for the purpose of this promo; in case a player is a member of two (or more) fantasy leagues and that same player has won more than once, we will only award the higher valued prize.
  • Players and/or leagues found to be circumventing the rules will be disqualified this any future contest/promo.
  • Nitrogen reserves the right to amend the rules of this promo.