Basics: How to Claim Your Sportsbook Free Bet

Claim free bets at Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports players may notice that we give away a lot of free bets here. From sports parlay promos, to trivia wins in chat, you’ll most likely find yourself scoring a few free bets during your time with us.

But how do I use them, you might ask? It’s fairly simple. Just like our many sports betting guides available, let’s walk through how it all works.

What is a free bet?

A free bet grants a player one free bet up to the risk amount listed. You won’t see the free bet in your balance off the hop, but once you use it and win, it reflects the same as with any other win.

Let’s say you plan to use a free bet on an American Football game between the New England Patriots and the Tennessee Titans:

New England Patriots (ML-267) vs. Tennessee Titans (ML+233)

You used a free bet that’s worth 0.005 BTC and picked the Patriots to win. Say New England managed the win, which means your free bet won for a return of 0.001875, and will be instantly credited to your Nitrogen Sports account.

Unlike with other books, after your initial free bet has won, you can do whatever you want with the BTC. Yes, that includes withdrawing.

Free bets can be used on all betting lines available at Nitrogen Sports including moneylines, spreads, and parlay bets.

How to Use Free Bets
How to Claim free Bets

How do I use a free bet?

Using your free bet is just like placing a wager at the Nitrogen Sports sportsbook but with a few minor differences.

After you pick and click a betting line, the betslip will appear on the right side of your screen. For free bets, you will notice which ones are available to use on your betslip. Each free bet is displayed as a purple button paired with its BTC value.

Free bets look grayed out at the start until you select the bet you want to use. It’s certainly possible you have more than one free bet at your disposal depending on what type of activities you take part in at Nitrogen. Click on the free bet you would like to use followed by inputting the free bet’s exact value in the risk field.

Once done, press the “PLACE WAGER” button – just like how you would make a wager with your balance – and you’re all set!

Watch the video below if you need more help on how to use free bets at Nitrogen Sports.

Take note that inputting a value other than the free bet’s worth will result in an error message, so make sure you’ve inputted the correct details. Consider this step of manually adding the free bet’s value as an added security measure by us – confirming that this is indeed the value you wish to use to place your wager.

Also, free bets can take up to 48 hrs. to reflect on your betslip, so if you don’t see it right away, don’t worry. Contact [email protected] if your free bet is not issued within 48 hrs.

You’re good to go at this point! Be sure to check out our social media channels and the blog for new and ongoing promotions to earn your a chance to score some sportsbook free bets!

For more information about sports betting at Nitrogen Sports, be sure to check out our other guides, like our esports betting guide.