What is Betslip Buy-in (BSB)?

Nitrogen Sports has always delivered what its players want, often in the form of promos and contests. In this brief piece, we will have an expanded explanation of one of the key elements of our promos and contests, the Betslip Buy-in. Want to know more about how to bet on sports? Keep reading and exploring Nitrogen Sports Blog for further information.

What is betslip buy-in?

In Nitrogen Sports promos and contests (e.g. Nitro Squares, Nitro Brackets), there are two ways a player can join: either through Free ones or via Betslip Buy-ins. In Free contests, all a player needs to join one is a Nitrogen Sports account.

In Betslip Buy-in contests, a player who wishes to participate in one is not only required to have a Nitrogen Sports account first, but also a qualified bet.

Update: Aside from betslip links, Nitrogen Sports contests and promos may also require submissions of Betslip IDs instead. You can check out the easy steps of finding and submitting your Betslip IDs to join BSB contests here.

What constitutes a qualified bet for a betslip buy-in contest / promo?

It’s possible that betslip buy-in contests differ in betslip requirements from each other. But at the very least, the betslip must be inside the stated Date Range and satisfies the specified Minimum Bet Risk. The date and time used in determining the qualifications of a betslip will be based on the betslip timestamp or “betslip placed”, following the US Eastern Time format.


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Where to find the link to my betslip?

Now that you have made a bet that follows the requirements for a chosen Betslip Buy-in promo / contest, the only thing left to do is submit the link to that betslip.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Wagers Page.
  2. Find the betslip you are planning to submit. Ex:
    Betslip to be submitted

  4. Click on the “bullhorn” icon on the upper rightmost of the betslip.
    click bullhorn icon

  6. By clicking on the bullhorn icon, you can see a pop-up window showing the betslip link. Copy that link.
    Share betslip

  8. Now that you have the betslip link, you can submit it to the promo / contest you are trying to join. Here’s how the submission of the betslip link would look like in a Nitro Brackets contest:
    Submit betslip

Hit the following links if you want to learn more about the rules and regulations for Nitro Squares, Nitro Brackets, and Nitro Sims.

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