What’s New At Nitro Sportsbook: A Look At The Improved Bet History Feature

Nitro Sportsbook Bet History

With the launch of the new interface of Nitrogen Sports sportsbook, several features of the site have received upgrades, gained better accessibility, and even became more visually appealing. Among those features are the Bet History and Pending Bets section of each player’s account where they can tracking pending bets and review previous wagers at Nitrogen Sports sportsbook.

In this sports betting guide, allow us to indulge you in a mini-tour of the site’s new-look Bet History.

To get to your Bet History, just click on the upper-right box that also displays your current mBTC balance.
MBTC Balance
A dropdown that shows “History” will appear. Click on it to gain access to an overview of your Pending Bets and Bet History.
Bet History and Pending
Pending Bets
Bets History
In the Bets History section, you can pull up any bets you have made from months or years ago without having to tire yourself out scrolling down your screen, as you can isolate previous bets according to a specified date range. So, if you want to be nostalgic about the winning point-spread bets you made back in Week 12 of the 2019 NFL season, all you need to do is input the dates on the calendar dropdowns.
Select Date
Plus, you can sort out your previous bets per sport.
Select Sport
Ready to make bets? Feel free to check out the countless bet offerings we have at Nitrogen Sports. You can also read a more elaborate breakdown of what’s new at Nitrogen Sports following the Sportsbook September upgrade here!


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