The International 2018 Challenge

TI8 Challenge

The final stop. It doesn’t get much bigger than this. With The International 2018 launching Wednesday, Nitrogen is kicking it into high-gear with a crazy challenge for TI8. We’re going to be giving away 0.26 BTC* (~$1,600) to those who can step up to the podium and put their esports wagers on the line.

Here’s a quick refresher on everything you need to know about The International 2018 before we dive into details on TI8 betting.

Anything can happen as the world’s top Dota 2 teams converge in Vancouver, Canada later in the month. Top teams like, Team Liquid, PSG, LGD, and EG’s newly-formed super squad are vying it out for their shot at glory and a chunk of the massive $20 million (and growing!) prize pool.

Here’s how it works. Place your bets during the group stages for as little as 0.0005 BTC (~$4), and start collecting Dota 2 team logos. Earn a logo for each unique team betslip. For example, make a betslip with on it, and earn that logo. Collect all 18 team logos and earn a share of 0.26 BTC*.

Can’t quite collect them all? We’ve got you covered. Collect at least half of the team logos and you will qualify for our exclusive TI8 Challenge 0.03 BTC poker tournament. Plus, make sure you have your email added to your Nitrogen account because we’re giving away another 0.03 BTC in free bets in an email contest.

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How to Qualify for TI8 Challenge


  • Participants place a wager on any TI8 group stage match (see Terms and Conditions below).
  • One wager– win or lose– unlocks the participant one team logo.
  • Participants must tweet betslip/link, tag @NitrogenSports with hashtag #NitroInternational together with which team logo they would like to unlock (eg. @NitrogenEsports + betslip link + Team Liquid).
  • The chosen team logo must be one of the teams on the betslip provided.
  • The betslip must be posted on Twitter before or during the matches.
  • Once a player has unlocked all 18 team logos participating in this year’s The International, they’re qualified to earn a share of the 0.2 BTC prize pool.
  • Deadline for submission of entries (tweets): August 25 6:00 PM EST.

Terms and Conditions

  • Collect 18 of 18 team logos and earn a share of the 0.2 BTC prize pool!
  • To unlock a team logo, players must place a bet on a The International 2018 group stage match.
  • Any betting lines during TI8 are allowed except futures betting lines.
  • Minimum wager 0.0005 BTC.
  • Betslip odds must be 1.8 or more (-125 or lower) to qualify.
  • Only wagers made during the group phase and main event will be accepted.
  • Parlay bets are accepted; parlay odds should feature all legs at 1.8 or more (-125 or lower).
  • One valid, unique betslip per team logo only; if you have already used a betslip to unlock a logo or participated in a different contest, that betslip will be considered invalid.
  • Redundant Bets (same match-up) are not allowed; if you have bet on a match-up already, we will only unlock 1 team logo for that match-up. You can still bet multiple times on a match-up but will only be credited one team logo for the purpose of this promo.
  • Players are allowed to unlock up to 4 team logos per day only for the duration of the promo. (Match start times/wager times are used as defining timestamps. In case of parlays, if there are multiple legs on different days, we’ll consider which team logo is targeted to be unlocked and consider the timestamp/start time for that match with regards to the per day limit).
  • Unlocking 9 team logos (half-way) will unlock entry to the 0.03 BTC poker tournament and the 0.03 BTC email prediction contest.
  • BTC amounts issued as free bets for challenge and email contest; poker pays in mBTC.




Rules and Conditions (TI8 Poker Qualifiers)


  • All qualified participants will receive a special TI8 poker tourney ticket after unlocking 9 team logos in the challenge.
  • If the participant is an existing Nitrogen Poker player, they will have a Poker ID associated with their Nitro ID and will be among the first to receive the tickets.
  • If the participant has not played poker with Nitrogen Sports before, they need to play in at least one of the tournaments (eg. freeroll tournament) for their Poker ID to be activated.
  • After the participant has played poker for the first time, they must immediately contact the promo team via Twitter DM and ask about their ticket.
  • The special TI8 poker tournament will be scheduled within 5 days of the final day of The International 2018.


Rules and Conditions (Email Contest Qualifiers)


  • Participants with a registered email in their Nitrogen Sports account will receive an exclusive email contest invitation.
  • Participants who are able to predict the champion and final score in The International 2018 Grand Finals will receive up to 0.03 BTC in free bets.
  • If two or more participants win, the 0.03 BTC free bet prize pool will be divided equally.
  • Participants who win the prediction contest and have 9 or more team logos unlocked, will have their free bet share doubled.

Additional Guidelines

  • Important Note on Twitter Posts: Consecutive similar posts are tagged as spam; change it up a bit, express what you think about TI8 so far! Providing a more unique tweet will help use distinguish your post and so it won’t be considered as spam on our end.
  • Track your achievement status on The International 2018 Challenge page.
  • Please allow for up to 48 hours for Nitrogen Sports to update achievement status.
  • Free bets earned will be awarded up to 48 hours after the final day of the promo barring any unforeseen circumstances and disputes.
  • Players found circumventing promo rules will be disqualified entirely from this promo and all Nitrogen promos and contests.
  • Nitrogen Sports reserves the right to interpret and amend the promo as it sees fit.


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