Take Your Shot, Win Share of $10K* in NBAxNHL Playoffs

NBAxNHL Playoffs Promo

The NBA and NHL playoffs take over the sports headlines the next two months! Join us in this postseason journey — with promo prizes of over $10,000 — as we search for the next champions in basketball and ice hockey.

NBAxNHL Contests, Predictions and Poker Tournaments All Playoffs Long!

The playoff brackets have been set for both leagues, pairings and seeds already made. Which teams are top favorites to win their respective titles? Check latest betting odds below:

2018 NBA Betting Odds
2018 NHL Betting Odds

Aside from sports betting grind, we’re adding more value to your postseason bets!

16 events scattered across all Nitrogen Sports platforms and channels including the weekly 0.05 Guaranteed poker events, the NBAxNHL Crossover Parlay Promo and a bunch of betslip buy-in and free prediction contests on social media.

As a finale to our NBAxNHL Playoffs poker special we’re guaranteeing 0.3 BTC prize pool in the final week of the promo.


April 12
NBAxNHL Crossover ParlayPromo DurationSportsbook0.005/0.0011.0*
April 15
0.05 Guaranteed Playoffs Poker – Week 18:00 PMPoker0.00050.05
April 20
Playoffs Prediction Contest 1 (Buy-in)8:00 PMBlog0.0010.05
Playoffs Prediction Contest 2 (Free)8:00 PMBlogFree0.02
April 22
0.05 Guaranteed Playoffs Poker – Week 28:00 PMPoker0.00050.05
April 29
0.05 Guaranteed Playoffs Poker – Week 38:00 PMPoker0.00050.05
May 4
Playoffs Prediction Contest 3 (Buy-in)8:00 PMBlog0.0010.05
Playoffs Prediction Contest 4 (Free)8:00 PMFacebookFree0.02
May 6
0.05 Guaranteed Playoffs Poker – Week 48:00 PMPoker0.00050.05
May 13
0.05 Guaranteed Playoffs Poker – Week 58:00 PMPoker0.00050.05
May 15
Playoffs Prediction Contest 5 (Buy-in)8:00 PMBlog0.0010.05
May 20
0.05 Guaranteed Playoffs Poker – Week 68:00 PMPoker0.00050.05
May 22
Playoffs Prediction Contest 6 (Buy-in) – Finals Edition8:00 PMBlog0.0010.05
Playoffs Prediction Contest 7 (Free) – Finals Edition8:00 PMBlogFree0.02
May 27
0.05 Guaranteed Playoffs Poker – Week 78:00 PMPoker0.00050.05
June 3
0.3 Guaranteed NBAxNHL Playoffs Poker Main Event8:00 PMPoker0.0050.3


Rules and Guidelines

Prediction Contests

  • All prizes paid in BTC Free Bets
  • Players who circumvent the rules will be disqualified from that contest and other future offers

Other Notes

  • All times US Eastern
  • Schedule of all poker tournaments and prediction contests may be subject to change
  • Visit this link to view full details of NBAxNHL Crossover Parlay Promo, click here

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