Special Nitro Squares & Nitro Brackets contests for NBA Return & Orlando Playoffs

NBA Return And Orlando Playoffs Nitro NBA Contest

To celebrate the highly-anticipated return of the 2019-20 NBA season, Nitrogen Sports is proud to announce the launch of our exclusive Nitro NBA Squares and Nitro NBA Brackets for the season restart.

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Starting July 30, Nitrogen Sports users can join our NBA Nitro Squares and Brackets events, with a combined 3 BTC (~$28,000) in bitcoin free bets up for grabs. The total prize pool for Nitro NBA Squares is at 2.5 BTC, while the NBA Brackets will put a total of 0.28 BTC at stake.

Join Nitro Betting Squares

Nitro NBA Squares

Over 50 NBA games will be featured for the Nitro NBA Squares contest, with free entry events sprinkled throughout the remainder of the season.

The betslip buy-in NBA Squares range between 0.0005 BTC (~$5) to 0.004 BTC (~$38), with prizes for each square amounting from 0.02 BTC (~$190) to 0.1 BTC (~$900)! Do note that there are different betslip requirements for each contest so make sure to double-check these details before placing a wager.

Join Nitro Betting Brackets

Nitro NBA Brackets

Nitrogen Sports users will also be eligible to join the Nitro NBA Brackets contest once the NBA Playoffs is officially underway.

Similar to Nitro Squares, Nitro Brackets will have free entry and betslip buy-in events. A total of 0.28 BTC (~$3,200) in free bets are up for grabs for our most loyal patrons!

For a complete lowdown of what a Betslip Buy-in (BSB) is, you can check out our guide on Betslip Buy-in here.

More details will be available about our Nitro NBA Squares and NBA Brackets in the days ahead, so be sure to tune in to our Nitrogen Sports Blog for more updates. Meanwhile, feel free to browse our sports betting guide to get yourself geared up for your Squares and Brackets picks as early as now.

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