Knockout Weekend: Special Bounty Tournaments at Nitrogen Poker

Poker Bounty Tournament June 2019

Adjust your schedule accordingly this June 2019 because Nitrogen Sports Poker is set to roll out a series of bounty tournaments for all players in the coming weekend. It’s a great change of pace, and you don’t want to miss out on a big payout based on how many players you’ve taken down.

In addition, each tournament’s prize pool, one (1) to three (3) tickets will be paid out to the top positions. These tickets can be used for the main event, the Bounty Weekend Final with 10+1 mBTC buy-in on Sunday. Including the Bounty Weekend Kick Off Freeroll, where 5 tickets on top of the 50 mBTC prize pool,  to the main event will be up for grabs, the total number of tickets given away for the bounty weekend is 25.

How does a bounty tournament work?

Instead of receiving an amount solely based on your final place in a poker tournament, a bounty tournament adds flavor to the game by giving participants extra prizes according to the number of players they’ve booted out.

During the start of the tournament, each player will start with a bounty that is equal to the buy-in. When a player knocks someone out, half of that player’s bounty is added to your prize, while the other is added to your own bounty. If you’re the last player standing, you will also win your own bounty.

It’s a whole new ball game. In traditional poker, you only have to worry about going as deep as you can in tournaments, while bounty tournaments give players an entirely new perspective of the game to think about in order to maximize payouts before an eventual elimination.

Collecting bounties not only results in a higher individual prize but also puts a target on the back of players, especially those with bigger bounties attached to them. Do you think you have what it takes to survive with a bounty on your head?

18 poker bounty tournaments available this weekend

The first bounty tournament will kick off this Friday, June 28 at 6:00 PM EST. This will be followed by a Bounty Weekend Kick Off Freeroll tournament at 9:00 PM ET which awards the top five (5) players with a ticket each to the Bounty Weekend Final tournament on Sunday, June 30, 9:00 PM EST.

Check out the full schedule below.

Poker Bounty Weekend Tournament June 2019

The bounty weekend tournaments mentioned above are available at Nitrogen Sports poker.

General rules and guidelines:

  • “Bounty Weekend Kick Off Freeroll” is a normal freeroll where the top 5,  in addition to the 50 mBTC prize pool, get tickets to the “Bounty Week Final.”
  • “Bounty Weekend Final” is the final tournament of the bounty weekend that you can buy-in with money or a ticket that you have won from various tournaments during the week.
  • Players that win multiple tournaments can only be awarded one (1) ticket for the main event.
  • All tournaments (except the freeroll) that awards the Bounty Final Ticket will have a buy-in.
  • All ticket prizes will be Add-On and separate from the prize pools set from the buy-ins of each tournament.
  • Multi-accounting will not be tolerated.
  • Some of the regular tournaments at Nitrogen Poker will be cancelled during the Bounty Weekend event.
  • Nitrogen Sports reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the tournaments.

New and veteran players are welcome to join! New to Nitrogen Sports poker? We have the perfect poker guide to get you started.

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