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Update (6/7/2020):
The National Basketball Association (NBA) has officially posted the new format for the resumption of the 2019-2020 NBA season.

With most of the details already in place albeit unofficial for some smaller details, Nitrogen Sports can now share the new and adjusted terms and conditions for the NitroProp: LA Wins promo. Previously, the prop was set at 110 wins for the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers win-total at the end of the regular season.

With the NBA announcing that there’d be eight (8) games left for each returning team in the “seeding games,” Nitrogen Sports is changing the original prop from 110 wins to 101 wins total for the Lakers and Clippers.
Why 101 games?
Let’s take a look at the Lakers’ and Clippers’ win-loss tally before the league shut down:

Lakers: 49 wins – 14 losses (63 games total – 19 games left)
Clippers: 44 wins – 20 losses (64 games total – 18 games left)

Lakers/Clippers Combined: 93 wins – 34 losses (127 games total – 37 left)

This means that at the time of the league suspended play, the L.A. teams were 17 wins away or should have gone at least 17-20 the rest of the way to hit the original prop. This means that they were required to win 45.9% of their remaining games (37).

We will apply the same winning percentage required to hit the prop in the new schedule. With 16 games left combined for the Lakers and Clippers (45.9% of 16 is 7.39), we’re setting the new line at 8 additional wins (rather than the original 17) for the NitroProp to hit, or at 101 wins combined for the Lakers and Clippers.

Nitrogen Sports considered a bunch of options before we arrived at this decision. This included canceling the entire promo altogether but that would have been unfair for our most loyal users. It was also unfair to stick with the original line for obvious reasons and we felt that this is the best compromise both for our users and our side.

2019-2020 NBA

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Update (6/3/2020):
The 2019-20 NBA Season is set to resume.

With the impending return of the league and the resumption of the regular season, Nitrogen Sports would like to guarantee the Nitro users who joined the 5 BTC* NitroProp: LA Wins Promo that we will be arriving at a fair decision with regards to the prop and prizes of this promotion.

We will be faithful to previous terms and conditions of the promo and will adjust the totals wins as needed depending on the official number of games, format and schedule when the league returns.

Nitrogen Sports will ensure fairness as we consider the recent factors in weighing our decision. What’s certain is that we will award either the secondary prop prize or the jackpot prop prize despite the initial suspension of the NBA regular season.

As soon as the NBA announces all details officially, we will provide our users the new terms and conditions for this promotion. Please keep checking Nitrogen Sports Blog or the original 5 BTC* NitroProp: LA Wins post for the latest updates.

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