Nitrogen Sports’ Sister Site Nitrobetting Introduces Bitcoin-Buy-In Contests For 2022 NBA Playoffs

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Nitrogen Sports has never missed a beat since we started offering Nitro Squares, Picks, and Brackets contests. Whenever there’s a good game coming up, especially in the NBA and NFL, you can expect FREE and Betslip Buy-in Squares and Picks contests. There are also the Nitro Brackets contests that come very much alive during March Madness and the NBA Playoffs. 

Speaking of the NBA Playoffs, Nitrogen Sports’ sister site, Nitrobetting, has also begun offering Squares, Picks, and Brackets contests – but with an even more exciting addition.

Just like here at Nitrogen Sports, Nitrobetting regularly puts up FREE and Betslip Buy-in contests for Bitcoin Squares, Picks, and Brackets. Where it gets better is in the addition of the Bitcoin Buy-in type, which is taking these contests to new heights of thrill.


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If in a Betslip Buy-in, players need a qualified betslip to join the contest, Bitcoin Buy-ins simply need players to pay a particular amount to enter. That means players will have another opportunity to enjoy these Bitcoin Squares, Picks, and Brackets contests.

In fact, you can start joining them right now, as Nitrobetting has just launched a number of Bitcoin Buy-in contests in time for the 2022 NBA Playoffs. They even have scheduled Poker tournaments during the NBA postseason to make sure that everyone will have a shot at earning more bitcoins. 

You can read more about Nitrobetting’s 2022 NBA Playoffs contests here. And if you want to head straight to the contests, you can go here.

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