Nitrogen March Madness Bracket 2018

March Madness Bracket 2018 Nitrogen Sports

The bracket is closed for new entries. You can check the status of your picks by typing your Nitrogen account number into the “View bracket selection” field on the bracket page. The total number of entries is at 889 players, with the Top 50 earning a share of the 0.5 BTC Prize Pool! (See Payout Table below).

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March Madness has officially crossed over to Nitrogen Sports! And you can officially join the chaos of college basketball with the first-ever Nitrogen Sports Bracket!

Starting March 11th, you can start making your picks and predictions for a shot at a lion’s share of the 0.5 BTC (~$5,000) Prize Pool. ENTRY IS FREE so everyone is invited to rock with us in our Big Dance contest!

Aiming for a perfect bracket is difficult but joining our March Madness Bracket Contest is easy! Make sure to follow all the guidelines so you’re qualified to win the BTC credit!

Nitrogen Sports Bracket – General Guidelines

Only players with a Nitro ID (Nitrogen Sports Account Number), User Name, Password and Email Address registered at are allowed to join the contest.

New Users are welcome but make sure to create an account– with complete details stated above– before joining the bracket.

Only 1 Bracket Entry per 1 Nitrogen Sports account; Multi-accounters will be banned from this contest and other future promotions.

If found to have multiple entries (brackets) from multi-accounting, those linked multiple accounts/entries will be flagged and disqualified.

Players can start making their picks after announcement of the tournament field on March 11, 2018 until 11:59 AM ET of March 15, the start of the First Round of the tournament.

Players can make changes to their selections before the deadline (See Edit Bracket in bracket page).

Players must predict total combined score of the NCAA Championship Game. This information will be used to determine the winner in the event of a point-score tie after grading. If a player fails to predict a total combined score, this will result in a loss in any tie-break scenario.

March Madness Bracket Scoring – Guidelines

Players will earn points based on correct prediction of winning teams in the NCAA tournament.

The number of points earned for each correct prediction increase for each round of March Madness 2018 (Maximum of 192 points if all predictions are correct);

  • The four (4) play-in games (“First Four”) are not counted in this Bracket Contest.
  • First Round – 1 point (32 total points max)
  • Second Round – 2 points (32 total points max)
  • Sweet Sixteen – 4 points (32 total points max)
  • Elite Eight – 8 points (32 total points max)
  • Final Four – 16 points (32 total points max)
  • Championship – 32 points (max)

At the end of March Madness 2018, the scores will be computed and winners will be declared from a percentage of the entries (see image below). The exact number of winners will be dependent on the total number of entries in the bracket contest.

In the event of any tie for any spot, the following tie-breaker rules will be applied;

  • Tie-breaker #1 – Closest to total points scored by both teams in the Finals
  • Tie-breaker #2 – Number of points scored in the Final Four
  • Tie-breaker #3 – Number of points in Elite Eight
  • Tie-breaker #4 – Number of points in Sweet Sixteen
  • Tie-breaker #5 – Number of points in Second Round
  • Tie-breaker #6 – Number of points in First Round
  • If still tied after the first six tie-break processes, shared prize pool (combined prize for involved spots in the leaderboard)

Winners will be notified via support ticket and/or email.

BTC Credit/Prize will be awarded after 48 hours after the final game of March Madness 2018 and after verification of all entries and winners.


Payouts By Ranking

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