The #NitroCake Promotion

    NitroCake Promotion

    Update: September 24, 2018

    And the #NitroCake winner was … Player #1552310! Congrats to all who joined …




    Did you miss it? Nitrogen Sports graced everyone’s presence in chat today, and announced a pretty sweet new promo to anyone who wants to join.
    Here’s how it works:

    1. Bake or buy a cake of at least 8” diameter (if round) … 10” (if square/rectangle).
    2. Put the full Nitrogen Sports logo (see below authorized examples) on the cake. The logo must take up at least 25% of the surface area of the cake and must be made of icing/confectioners gel. Next, put your affiliate number below the logo in smaller font (eg. r/4982749).
    3. Create a video of you doing something good for the world with your cake/cakes. The video must be posted on youtube with the hashtag #NitroCake and shared via twitter to @NitrogenSports with the #NitroCake hashtag.
    4. The first 50 players to submit a video will earn a 0.03 BTC free bet.
    5. The ‘best’ entry will earn a 0.3 BTC free bet.

    Rules and Guidelines:

    • Entries must be in by 11:50 PM EST on Friday, September 21st.
    • The big winner will be announced on Sunday, September 24th at 10:00 PM EST.
    • The above conditions must be met for players to qualify.
    • Subject matter NOT allowed:
    • Person(s) under the age of 18.
    • Violence or harassing behaviour.
    • Derogatory language / hate speech.
    • Displays of political / religious affiliation.
    • Nitrogen Sports will not be held liable for the actions of participants during the course of this promo.
    • Nitrogen Sports reserves the right to interpret these promo rules and stipulations as it sees fit.


    Nitrogen Sports Logo Light

    Nitrogen Sports Logo Dark


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