$300* NFL Sunday Contest: Which User will be the Last Man Standing in the Hall of Fame Survivor Pool?

Nitro Sunday Contest Last Man Standng Hall of Fame Pool

NFL Betting Odds

If you’ve read our latest Survivor Series following Week 9 of the 2019 NFL season, you have an idea how slim the list of surviving entries across all NFL survivor pools, including the two largest in terms of guaranteed prize. Only two players are left alive in the NITROGEN pool, while the Hall of Fame pool went from 29 live entries after Week 8 down to only 24 following Week 9.

Which brings us to this special Nitro Sunday free bet contest that revolves around what’s going to happen in the Hall of Fame Pool.

Get a chance to pocket a piece of .03 BTC* if you correctly guess the last user (or one of the last players) standing in the Hall of Fame pool.

User 189 is the clear favorite to outlast every other user in the pool, considering that fact that he/she owns nine of the 24 entries which made it to Week 10. However, you can hope for an upset to happen and side with other players with fewer entries remaining. It’s all up to you!

Keep track of the action over at the main page of Nitrogen Sports’ NFL Survivor Pool.

We also want to hear your thoughts about the games in the NFL this Sunday. We’ll be waiting for you in our Twitter page where we’re running a prediction contest with a prize pool of $300* free bets!


How to qualify


  • Complete the form above — must submit both Nitro ID (Account Number) and Twitter username.
  • Reply to the official Twitter thread discussion for 2019 NFL Week 10 Sunday Games with your own take on the games.
  • User must retweet the official game thread post with;
  • Hashtag #NitroSundayFreeBets plus;
  • Thoughts/comments on the games and;
  • Tag two (2) friends.

Deadline for entries: November 10, 2019, 12:59 PM ET.

How to win


  • All players with the correct prediction will split the 0.03 BTC free bets.
  • If there is more than one winner in Nitrogen Sports’ NFL Survivor Hall of Fame Pool, all contest participants who predicted any of the multiple winners will share the 0.03 BTC free bets prize pool (Example: if User XXX and User YYY were declared winners in the HOF pool, contest participants who picked XXX and YYY will split the prize pool).
  • In case no player guesses the correct prediction, a part of the prize pool will be carried over to the next Nitrogen Sports contest.


How to create a Nitrogen Sports account?

It won’t take you more than two minutes to create an account with Nitrogen Sports. Here’s how:

  1. Go to nitrogensports.eu.
  2. Agree with the Terms and Conditions and select ‘Create my anonymous account’ on the pop-up screen.
  3. Enter Captcha detail then select ‘Create New Account.’


How to use free bet?

A free bet can be a gift that keeps on giving for bettors. Nitrogen Sports Blog has a published article about how to claim free bets and how to use them. You can also view this short instructional video.

General rules and guidelines


  • Only entries before the deadline will be considered valid.
  • Prize pool will be in BTC free bets to be used in Nitrogen’s sportsbook.
  • Only valid entries can be declared as winners in the contest.
  • All entries/winners are invalid until verification.
  • Players who attempt to join the promo using multiple accounts will be disqualified from this promo and future promotions and offers.
  • Players found circumventing promo rules will be disqualified from this promo and future promotions and offers.
  • Winners will receive their prizes in their respective Nitrogen Sports accounts within 48 hours after the last Sunday game of the week.


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