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NFL Conference Championships 2019

Update: January 19, 1:56 AM — Due to a short-term error on our prediction contest form, some user picks may have been affected. The lines for the Pats/KC game were incorrectly listed as Pats -3, KC +3, when they should have been Pats +3, KC -3. The affected users have been notified via ticket and email (if applicable). Only the affected users will have the opportunity to change their Pats/KC picks BEFORE game start. In the case of no response, the picks will revert to the correct line format described above.

Can you predict who will make it to Super Bowl LIII? This time it’s different: your qualifying betslips must be against the spread!

NFC Championship game – Los Angeles Rams vs New Orleans Saints

The Saints knocked out the Philadelphia Eagles’ chance at another Super Bowl appearance last week and are now hosting the NFC Championship game against the Los Angeles Rams. Despite the odds, these are two of the best NFC teams and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see either team win.

In their last meeting, the Saints took a 45-35 win against the Rams and secured the top seed in the NFC. The Saint’s Michael Thomas made key catches during their last playoff game against the Eagles and might pose a problem for the Rams. But with Aqib Talib now available, we’ll see how effective Thomas and the rest of the Drew Brees-led offense can be this week. Let’s not forget the Ram’s Aaron Donald and especially Ndamukong Suh, who was able to shut down Ezekiel Elliot during their Divisional game against the Cowboys.

Submit to us your predictions and your 2-leg parlay against the spread to this form and you could win up to 0.2 BTC!


AFC Championship game – New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs

You can’t wish for a better AFC Championship matchup. The Patriots are scary right now, but if there’s one team that can keep up with their offense, it would be the Chiefs. It was a high-scoring game in their last meeting, with the Patriots barely taking the win 43-40. But Kansas City has an advantage this time – the Patriots will have to travel and play the AFC Championship game at Arrowhead Stadium. And with that, we have the Chiefs as the favorites in this game.

They are 3-3 when placed as the underdog during a playoff game and have lost their last two games when they were back in 2013 and in 2006. But the Patriots are known for beating the odds, and you can’t count them out with Tom Brady around, so we should be in for a treat.

How to join

Fill out our entry form with your predictions and your 2-leg parlay betslip link containing both championship games with lines against the spread.

Promo guidelines


  • The 2-leg parlay must have the NFC and AFC championship game, against the spread, with a minimum risk of 0.005 BTC to qualify, win or lose.
  • Your 2-leg parlay submission must not have alternate lines.
  • In the event of multiple winners, the 0.2 BTC prize pool will be divided equally.
  • Deadline for entries: January 20, 3:00 PM EST.
  • Only one entry per player is allowed, multiple entries will be disqualified.


Other rules


  • Winner/s will be awarded within 48 hours after the final game.
  • Entries and winner/s of this contest will be posted within 48 hours of the final match on Nitrogen Sports Blog.
  • Players found circumventing promo rules will be disqualified from this contest and future promotions and offers.
  • Previously banned players are disqualified.


Contest results

26 participants correctly predicted the outcome of the NFC and AFC Championship games. Each have been awarded with 0.008 BTC in free bets! See entries and winners here:

183Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
898Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4267New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
7198New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
8788Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3NO BETSLIP
12107Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
15679Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
23048New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
23607New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
47317Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
53988Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
66839Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3NO BETSLIP
68524Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
74987New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
75918New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
92652New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
99465New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
139399Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
164002Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
170548Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
175520Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
184322New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3NO BETSLIP
247952New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
271245New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
282746New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
297964Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
298751Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
383480Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
401401Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
453675Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
473256New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3NO BETSLIP
519235Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
534471New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
535999New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
542097New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3NO BETSLIP
545803New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
551176New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
557364New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
558155Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
579075New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
579075New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
586819New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
601477New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3NO BETSLIP
608430New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
628307New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
628384New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
644435New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
653690New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
657308New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
677326New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
680710New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
700495Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
713168Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
713512New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
720769New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
731430Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
754215Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
772696New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
808588Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
1109702Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
1241313New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
1241320Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3NO BETSLIP
1283913Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
1298749Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
1331715Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
1405069Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
1414465New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3NO BETSLIP
1421515New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
1454848Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3NO BETSLIP
1468266New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
1515405Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
1526790Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
1536479Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
1542581Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
1547172Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
1553881New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
1585459Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
1601946New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
1610678New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
1645206New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
1680126New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
1705063New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
1724578New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
1783643New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3NO BETSLIP
1941195New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
1941931Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
2044140New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
2073440New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
2095790New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
2220745Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
2225792New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
2228582New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
2289275Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
2293200New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
2298320New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
2304236New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
2309575New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3NO BETSLIP
2327860Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
2329856New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
2348869New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
2423835Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3NO BETSLIP
2525392New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
2533552New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
2605484Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
3887835Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4305773Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
4319843New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
4490117Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
4888242New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
4889364New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4894930Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4899368Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
4900406New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4900414New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4902045Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4905364Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4908389New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
4909377Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4909840New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
4910329New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4913381New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4914190New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4916615New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4916985New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
4920656New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
4929012New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
4929807Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4930156New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3NO BETSLIP
4936906New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4937266New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
4939494New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4940835New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
4947769Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4949048New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4954401New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
4958309Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
4962339Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4962719Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
4962719Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
4966023New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4971715Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4972792Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4974536New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
4977055New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4977159New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4978870New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
4986726Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4991215New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3NO BETSLIP
4992226Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4994982Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
4994996Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4995290New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4996227New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
4996227New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
4996768Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
4997645New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4998463Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4998641New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
4999411New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
5000027New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
5000781Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
5000966Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3NO BETSLIP
5002349Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
5002645New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
5003975Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3NO BETSLIP
5004515Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3NO BETSLIP
5005944New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
5008546New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
5010190New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
5011446New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
5013728Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3NO BETSLIP
5016077New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
5016440Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
5016684Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
5017412Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3NO BETSLIP
5018340Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
5020955Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
5022648Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
5022854Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
5023689Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
5024210Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
5024481Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
5024957Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
5025545New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
5025716New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3NO BETSLIP
5025998New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
5026165Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
5026401New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
5026407Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3
5026431New Orleans Saints -3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3NO BETSLIP
5026490Los Angeles Rams +3.5Kansas City Chiefs -3NO BETSLIP
5026598Los Angeles Rams +3.5New England Patriots +3WINNER
5026999New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3
5027053New Orleans Saints -3.5New England Patriots +3


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