NBA x NHL Crossover Parlay Promo 2019

NBA x NHL Parlay Promo

The postseason for both the NBA and NHL is here! Before you start placing your winning picks – not only do we have the 10 BTC NBA x NHL Nitro Prop in this year’s playoffs, we have another great promo that would be a perfect fit for players itching to play during the playoffs in both sports – the NBA x NHL Crossover Parlay!

Win or Lose — earn up to 0.02 BTC* free bet weekly during the NBA and NHL playoffs!

Will the Golden State Warriors continue their run as NBA champions? Or will we see another team rise to the occasion and topple what many consider as the best team in the league today? The Tampa Bay Lightning had a great regular season, clinching the best record. But can they translate a similar performance to win this year’s Stanley Cup?

All will be answered in the coming weeks, and to celebrate the upcoming games, Nitrogen Sports is running an NBA and NHL crossover parlay promotion, giving participants a chance to earn up to 0.02 BTC* each week during the postseason.

NBA x NHL 10 BTC Nitro Prop
NBA x NHL 10 BTC Nitro Prop

How can I join this promo?

UPDATE: Starting May 22, your parlay can consist of at least 2 NBA lines and 2 NHL lines.
Each week, participants simply need to tweet a valid 6-leg parlay betslip link on Twitter with the hashtag #NitroNBAxNHL. The NBA x NHL parlay must consist of at least 3 NBA lines and at least 3 NHL lines.

Players can submit up to two entries per week during the playoffs and this promo will run for nine (9) weeks:

Week 1: April 12 to 21
Week 2: April 22 to 28
Week 3: April 29 to May 5
Week 4: May 6 to 12
Week 5: May 13 to 19
Week 6: May 20 to 26
Week 7: May 27 to June 2
Week 8: June 3 to 9
Week 9: June 10 to 16 (or until the final game of the NBA Finals)

Rules and guidelines


  • Minimum risk of 0.003 BTC = 0.003 BTC free bet.
  • Maximum risk of 0.01 BTC = 0.01 BTC free bet.
  • Minimum payout: 0.003 BTC free bet.
  • Maximum payout: 0.01 BTC free bet.
  • Free bets will be rounded down to the nearest qualified amount (eg. 0.009 BTC risk earns 0.003 BTC free bet; 0.015 BTC earns you a 0.01 BTC free bet).
  • Odds requirement: 1.5 or -200 odds or better (e.g 1.51 or higher or -200 or lower).
  • The minimum number of legs required in the parlay for promo – Six (6) legs.
  • Submitted 6-leg parlays must consist of 3 NBA lines and 3 NHL lines (adjusted during the semifinals and finals round).


Other rules


  • Entry deadline for each week: Sundays @ 23:59 EST.
  • Players with valid entries will receive their free bets within 2-3 days after their submitted tweet.
  • Each player can submit up to x2 valid entries per week during the duration of the promo.
  • Betting lines only allowed for this promo: spread, moneyline, totals.
  • During the semifinals (final four teams), the 6-leg parlay players submit must feature at least 2 NBA, 2 NHL, and 2 other sports lines (also 1.5 or up).
  • During the finals for the NBA and NHL, players submitting their 6-leg parlay during this time must feature at least 1 NBA, 1 NHL, and 4 other sports (1.5 or up).
  • Esports lines are not allowed for this promo.
  • This cannot be used in conjunction with any other Nitrogen Sports promotions.
  • Players found circumventing promo rules will be disqualified from all future week’s offers.
  • Previously banned players are disqualified.

Nine weeks of top-notch basketball and hockey is coming our way. There’s a lot of decisions and variables to consider during the postseason, and if you are a new bettor, Nitrogen Sports Blog’s sports betting guide could help make any decision you make a bit easier during this journey to the finals.

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