NA, China, and Europe TI 9 qualifiers: who will go to The International 2019?

TI 9 Regionals Game Thread

Which team grabs their spot at The International 2019 and qualify to compete in Shanghai in the tournament’s highest record-breaking prize pool in the history of competitive DotA 2?

NA, China, and Europe TI 9 qualifiers: who will go to The International 2019?

Excerpt: Teams from China, Europe, and North America will clash against each other in their respective regional qualifiers this coming weekend. Join our Nitro Game Thread during the matches and share your hot takes for a shot at a FREE BET prize!

TI9 qualifiers odds

It’s China, Europe, and North America’s turn to battle at the TI9 Regional Qualifiers and reserve their seats in the final tourney of this year’s DPC season. Which squad flies to Shanghai this August and compete for the richest tournament in DoTA 2 history?

Over in NA, we saw some familiar stacks that qualified in the regionals, but can they hold their ground against formidable teams like compLexity, Forward, and J.Storm?

Similarly in Europe, Matu, alongside Chaos, will have to fight TFT and gorgc’s stack in order to continue his 3-year appearance streak in The International.

Lastly, we have the China regional qualifiers. With The International 2019 being held in Shanghai, expect an all-out battle as the toughest teams in the region will surely bring their A-game for a shot to represent their country.

So, as we binge on dotes the entire weekend, let’s get on Twitter to discuss the many exciting matches to come.


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