Major Announcement for 2021 NFL Survivor Pool

Nitrogen Sports Announcement

First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by some technical issues during Week 1 of the regular season for our NFL Survivor 2021 set up this year. There were some notable bugs that affected the selection process in all 2021 NFL Survivor Pools where players were able to change their picks past the preset deadline for some of the games. 

We had a few other options but have decided that the changes stated below are the best ones for all the players. In the spirit of fair play and equal opportunity to win for every participant in all pools, we are implementing the following new guidelines for the 2021 NFL Survivor Pool.

Week 1 is a Bye Week for All Players

  • Week 1 will be considered a “bye week” for all players.
  • A player who picked any team for Week 1 will automatically advance to Week 2, regardless of whether the team selected won or lost during that week.
  • Players who will not make a selection for Week 1 will still be eliminated. 

Pools Reopen for Teams Selection for Week 1

  • We are reopening the pools for selections until Thursday, September 16th, 2021 at 4:00 PM US ET. 
  • Players will be allowed to change their picks for Week 1. This is to give players a chance to recalibrate their strategy according to this latest development. We know that the pick for the opening week is crucial to any strategy.
  • While this week will be considered a “bye week” for all players, please keep in mind that your Week 1 pick still counts towards the “Teams can only be picked ONCE for the entire season” rule.
  • Registration for new entries will remain closed and the current number of entries will remain the same. Only the current users active in their respective pools will have a chance to win the prizes in the said pools. While we considered reopening each pool to more entries, this would be unfair for current players already in the pools before the initial deadline of registration.


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Add-On to Prize Pools

As part of our acknowledgment of the matter, we are adding more prizes for each buy-in pool in this year’s 2021 NFL Survivor Pool on top of the current guaranteed bitcoin prize amount collected from the number of runners for each pool at the end of the registration period.

We’ll add a 10% increase across the board for all buy-in pools, from the original guaranteed amount of each pool. For example, in the Nitrogen Pool, we have 20 runners for a prize pool of 3 BTC (from 0.15 BTC buy-in). We’ll add 0.3 BTC (10% of 3 BTC) to the prize pool and make it 3.3 BTC!

Here’s the rest of the buy-in pools, the previous prize pools vs. the new prize pools.

Buy-in Pool
Previous Prize Pool (BTC)
Previous Prize Pool ($)
New Prize Pool (BTC)
New Prize Pool ($)
All Pro
Hall of Fame

Furthermore, we are also giving you another freeroll, the 0.1 BTC Guaranteed NitroSorry Survivor Pool, where all the participants from the buy-in and free pools will be invited. Survivor play here begins in Week 4.

We hope this little adjustment is enough compensation after our Week 1 fumble. Good luck to all players!

*All BTC-USD conversion prices are accurate as of the time of posting.

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