Lockdown Freeroll tournaments extended!

GTD Lockdown extended 2020

Getting boxed up at home can be distressing, which is a situation many people these days are in. Fortunately, we live in the same timeline where you don’t have to venture out in the open to subscribe to premium forms of entertainment. That includes streaming movies and playing at Nitrogen Poker.

But why watch movies when you can be the hero of your own table adventure — for free!

For free? For real.

Lockdown Freeroll tournaments from Friday to Tuesday

Expect a 10 mBTC GTD Lockdown Freeroll tourneys to run daily at Nitrogen Poker from March 27-31. Here’s the full schedule of Lockdown Freeroll tournaments over that stretch.

10 mBTC GTD Lockdown Freeroll Schedule

March 27 (Friday) at 9:00 PM
March 28 (Saturday) at 7:00 PM
March 29 (Sunday) at 5:00 PM
March 30 (Monday) at 10:00 PM
March 31 (Tuesday) at 8:00 PM

*Lockdown Freeroll tournaments will feature different poker variations including Texas Hold ‘Em, 6+ Hold ‘Em, Crazy Pineapple and Omaha, among others.

Just like last week, we will be offering some guaranteed BTC Lockdown Freerolls, provided that you follow these guidelines:

Nitrogen Poker GTC Lockdown


Upping the ante

In addition to those aforementioned Lockdown Freerolls, we have two more tables with higher guaranteed prizes for you to join and play in, and that’s if you’re game enough.

Like a flick protagonist, you’ll have challenges to accomplish in order to unlock two (2) GTD Lockdown Freerolls tournaments prepared by Nitro Poker.

For each of these Lockdown Freerolls to be unlocked, here’s a list of what should happen first in the respective channels we are going to promote those tourneys. As a general rule, a tourney will kick off at a specific time the following day after the conditions of a specific challenge are met.


Nitrogen Poker has a new poker schedule now filled with more tournaments and freerolls to join. See you at the tables!


For Twitter:
Once at least 75 unique Twitter accounts have RETWEETED with comment (including user’s Nitro ID and two tagged friends) our designated post, we will unlock a 30 mBTC GTD Lockdown Freeroll tournament at 9 PM the following day.
For Facebook:
Once at least 30 unique Facebook accounts have SHARED and REPLIED (including user’s Nitro ID and two tagged friends) to our designated post, we will unlock a 20 mBTC GTD Lockdown Freeroll tournament at 9 PM the following day.

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