Knock yourself out with surprise Nitro Poker Ticket Random Drops


Are you a big fan of surprises? Of course, you are! 

Presenting the Nitro Poker Ticket Random Drops promo.

Starting May 2020, we will be randomly dropping tickets to Nitro Poker guaranteed tournaments across different Nitrogen Sports official channels and authorized partners’ platforms. 

You can win these tickets in a variety of ways, depending on the instructions for each Drop. Here’s something to get you all charged up for these drops. The value of these tickets ranges from 0.1 mBTC (~$5) to as huge as 5 mBTC ($280). You truly wouldn’t want to miss out on them. 

Regularly check this page out for the latest announcements on Nitro Poker Ticket Random Drops, including which channel/s they have popped up along with their respective durations.

Let the TICKETS drop!

  • Only entries before the deadline will be considered valid. Any entry submitted after the deadline in case of technical error, or other reasons,  will be considered invalid.
  • All Prizes will be in the form of “Nitro Poker Tickets.” These tickets will be credited to the players’ Nitrogen Sports poker accounts. 
  • A player must play/enter the Nitro Poker platform before they can be awarded a ticket. If a player has not yet played/entered Nitro Poker, they will be asked first to play/enter before being awarded the prize/ticket. 
  • A player can only win a maximum of one (1) ticket in a specific Nitro Poker Ticket Random Drops promo. A player can only be awarded multiple Nitro Poker tickets if those tickets were won via different channels and/or promo different iterations based on the promo duration/timeline. ( Examples: 
  • One (1) player can win a ticket each from simultaneous Drops on Twitter and Facebook; One (1) player can win a ticket each from Drops running on different timelines. 
  • Random Drops with the same requirements but have different durations (ex: May 1-15 and May 16-30) are two completely distinct Drops.
  • All entries/winners are invalid until verification.
  • General rollover requirements apply for all eventual winners of the poker tournaments from poker tickets buy-ins.
  • Players must have an email address and 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) added to their Nitrogen Sports accounts before they can receive prizes from this contest.
  • Players who attempt to join the promo using multiple accounts will be disqualified from this promo and future promotions and offers.
  • Players found circumventing promo rules will be disqualified from this promo and future promotions and offers.
  • Players’ Twitter accounts must be set to “public” to allow Nitrogen Sports to verify the posts and retweets from the said account. If the account is private and we can not see the winning players’ posts and retweets, the prizes will be voided.
  • All prizes, in Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin (BTC) Free Bets, Nitro Poker tickets, or any other kind of prize, will expire after 14 days from the date/time of the end of the contest. Any prizes will be voided if not awarded to the player’s account for any reason.



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