Who is DotA 2’s GOAT? Make your picks on this 0.1 BTC bracket contest!

DOTA 2 Goat Bracket Contest

Have you ever wondered who is the greatest to ever play the game of DotA 2? We’re going to figure it out together in this DotA 2 GOAT Nitro Brackets contest! Don’t forget and play on esports betting brackets!

With his iconic plays with Pudge, Dendi held the title as the face of the game. The Ukrainian brought DotA 2 to new heights after winning The International and went to three straight TI Grand Finals. But with a new generation of players coming into the competitive scene, the debate on who is the greatest ever has only grown fiercer.

Is winning TI enough to deserve the GOAT crown? If that’s the case, we have to give it to the two-time champs, OG (2018-2019 roster), who were the first to pull off the feat. Is longevity and mastery of the game enough? If that’s the case, Puppey and Kuroky are definite shoo-ins to the conversation.

Enough with the discussion and let’s tackle how to end this debate. We’re going to do it March Madness bracket-style. We have chosen 32 names and assigned a seed to every one of them and all you have to do is to vote in our Twitter and Esports Twitter  polls to decide the winners in every matchup.

As soon as the DotA 2 Goat Nitro bracket is closed for entries, polls in our official Twitter channels will be open.

Nitro Brackets

Make your picks on the DotA 2 GOAT Bracket for a chance to win a share of the 0.1 BTC prize pool!


Vote for the player you are rooting for to win in the polls. Whenever an entry wins a matchup, it automatically advances to the next round. This process will continue until we whittle the field down to just one, which we will crown as the champion!

Brackets will be open for entries from April 15 to April 22 and participants can start filling out their brackets during this time. The Top 15 participants in the leaderboard will win a share of the 0.1 BTC free bet prize pool in this free-to-enter special bracket! The deadline for picks and entries will be April 22, 2019, at 11:59 PM ET.

Submit your bracket now and while you’re at it, play DotA 2 betting squares on Nitrogen Sports!

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