Bet Bitcoin on Sports, Qualify to Exclusive 2021 NFL Survivor Sportsbook Pool

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The new football season is here and more NFL Survivor Pools are available for Nitrogen Sports’ most active NFL bettors!

Because one free survivor pool is not enough, we have another free-to-enter contest to offer; the 2021 NFL Survivor Sportsbook Pool! Same as previous years, all you have to do is place a bet on Nitrogen Sports sportsbook, join one of our Nitro Squares contests and you’ll qualify for the Survivor Pool with a 0.03 BTC guaranteed prize.


2022 Nitro NFL Survivor

Get a FREE entry to Nitrobetting’s exclusive 2022 Nitro NFL Survivor Pools!



Step One: Place a wager on betting lines at Nitro sportsbook. 

Step Two: Use that betslip to enter any of our designated “betslip buy-in” Nitro Squares contests. These contests will have a label of “NFL Survivor Qualifier” which means anyone joining that contest will get a ticket to the NFL Survivor Sportsbook Pool. 

Step Three: This part you can leave to us, as all participants, win or lose, in these Nitro Squares contests, will automatically qualify and be added to the free-entry survivor pool! Please note that players can only earn one free entry to the Sportsbook Pool regardless of how many times he or she has joined the Nitro Squares contests that serves as survivor qualfiiers.

At just the bargain price of a Nitro Squares contest entry, you will get a free shot at winning the GUARANTEED BTC prize in the Sportsbook NFL Survivor Pool.  Keep an eye out on the Nitro Squares page for qualified Sportsbook Survivor Pool squares contests!



Over ~$90,000 are up for grabs across all Nitrogen Sports 2021 NFL Survivor Pools. What are you waiting for?



  • Only qualified users from designated Nitro Squares contests will be added to the list of entries under the NFL Survivor Sportsbook Pool.
  • Only designated Nitro Squares contests running from August 1 to 31, 2021 will qualify for this promo. 
  • All designated Nitro Squares contests, for the purpose of being an “NFL Survivor Qualifier,” will have a “betslip buy-in” as an entry. The betslip requirements for these contests vary from one another. 
  • All participants of a designated Nitro Squares contest will automatically qualify to the NFL Survivor Sportsbook Pool. Players do not have to win the Nitro Squares contest to get an invite to the pool. 
  • A user can earn only up to ONE (1) entry to the 2021 NFL Survivor Sportsbook Pool regardless of how many times he has joined Nitro Squares contests. 
  • Qualified entries will be added to the 2021 NFL Survivor Sportsbook Pool no later than 3 days before the start of the NFL season. 
  • NFL Survivor Sportsbook Pool prizes will be in Bitcoin
  • Nitrogen Sports reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promo. 
  • Disqualified entries from the Nitro Squares and other contests will not be invited to the pool.
  • General rules apply for NFL Survivor winners, please check the NFL Survivor Rules and FAQs for complete details. 

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