ANNOUNCEMENT: Nitrogen Sports opens door to richer Bitcoin betting experience at Nitrobetting

Nitrogen Sports Announcement

On June 1st, 2022, will be stopping the acquisition of new accounts. However, the fun of Bitcoin betting never stops under the Nitrogen brand, as all the thrill is now at Most of the exciting features you have enjoyed at will all be there at Nitrobetting – and more!

It is also important to note that if you are an existing Nitrogen Sports player, you can still make bets, play at the casino, and do all the activities you usually do at Nitrogen Sports even after June 1.

Nitrogen Sports opens door to Nitrobetting

Among the ones you will find very familiar at are the wide array of selections of events to bet on the sportsbook. A mass of players have already established their foothold at and are now enjoying all the benefits of being a member of this fresh and innovative Bitcoin sportsbook. 

Nitrobetting is the new king

As mentioned, Nitrobetting carries plenty of the features and benefits found at, but one of the keys that set it apart from its predecessors is the Real Wager Bonus. You can find out more about it once you have created a new Nitrobetting account (takes just a minute!) At, former Nitrogen Sports players will finally be able to relish fantastic bonuses under the Nitrogen brand, with specifically tailored bonuses.


2022 Nitro NFL Survivor

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Just like here at Nitrogen Sports, Nitrobetting boasts a wide array of betting selections on the sportsbook. The top sports leagues in the world are all covered at Nitrobetting sportsbook. Basketball, American football, baseball, ice hockey, soccer, golf, NASCAR, F1, boxing, mixed martial arts, cricket, tennis, and rugby are just some of the sports Nitrobetting has lines and odds available to bet on by the players. Major esports leagues and the biggest esports events are also part of the top attraction at Nitrobetting sportsbook. 


You will love playing poker at Nitrobetting even more. An innovative bonus structure, improved interface, and faster response will elevate your experience in this new Bitcoin poker platform. A 100% Real Wager Bonus up to 25 mBTC with a 1x rollover that counts towards the release of the bonus bitcoin gives Nitrobetting a different flavor that was not available at Nitrogen Sports. 


Nitrobetting casino promises a ton of selections for players to choose from, especially when they need an avenue to divert their attention away from betting on sports. Over a dozen of Jackpot Free Spins games, nearly 30 table games,  and over 100 slots are waiting for Nitrobetting players to try them all. Even better, Nitrobetting casino’s library is continually expanding, with fresh games arriving regularly. 


Also highlighting the improved services of Nitrobetting compared to Nitrogen Sports is the introduction of a Bitcoin racebook, which offers action for races from over 300 racetracks around the globe! Check out Nitrobetting racebook here.

Thousands of loyal customers have already moved their action to Nitrobetting and new customers continue to sign up daily. Don’t get left behind. Follow the trend and make the right move by starting over your betting experience with Nitrobetting. Create a Nitrobetting account now!

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