How to Join Nitrogen Sports’ 2020 NFL Survivor Poker Pool

Nitrogen Sports’ 2020 NFL Survivor Poker Pool

It’s that time of the year again when we invite our players to join our special Nitrogen Poker tournament: the NFL Survivor Poker Pool.

For the fifth-annual edition of the tournament, the 2020 NFL Survivor Poker Pool promises an even bigger prize pool for our competitors, with 0.15 BTC (~$1,500) worth of Bitcoin in prizes up for grabs!

Take your NFL Survivor Pool bets to the end zone!

To join the NFL Survivor Pool, simply enter designated NFL Survivor tournaments at Nitrogen Poker to gain entry into the pool!

The value of participating in these tournaments will be through the roof for our Nitro Poker players. Not only will they have a chance to win huge amounts of Bitcoin from the poker tournament itself, but they’ll also get to follow-up that round of action with a free entry in our NFL Survivor Pool that could turn into even more Bitcoins without having to spend an additional dime!

Only one easy way to qualify for the NFL Survivor Pool


  • Participate in designated poker tournaments (50 mBTC GTD NLHE [Rebuy]) at the Nitrogen Poker tournament lobby.
  • Win or lose, you’ll automatically receive an invite into our exclusive NFL Survivor Poker Pool with a guaranteed prize pool of 0.15 BTC (~$1,500).

And if you’re looking to join the Nitrogen Poker army, learn how to play bitcoin Poker now to get started with your winning run all the way to the top of the prize pool of our 2020 NFL Survivor Poker Pool.

Only players who’ve played in designated NFL Survivor Poker Pool Qualifier tournaments and select “NFL Survivor Qualifier” standard tournaments will be added to the list of entrants for our NFL Survivor Poker pool.


Take part in the biggest Bitcoin NFL Survivor Pool this 2020, with over 11 BTC in total prizes up for grabs!



2020 NFL Survivor Qualifier poker tournament details


  • Tournament Name: 50 mBTC GTD NLHE [Rebuy]
  • Buy-in/Rebuy: 5 mBTC
  • Starting Stack/Rebuy Chips: 1,500
  • Prize pool: 50 mBTC Guaranteed
  • Poker variant: No Limit Hold’Em
  • Poker format: Re-buy, standard Nitrogen Sports payout


2020 NFL Survivor Poker Pool Rules and Guidelines


  • Only players who have played the designated poker tournaments with tournament name “50 mBTC GTD NLHE [Rebuy]” will be added to the list of entries under the NFL Survivor Poker Pool.
  • Only designated poker tournaments running from August 1 to 31, 2020 will qualify for this promo.
  • Qualified entries will be added to the 2020 NFL Survivor Poker Pool no later than 3 days before the start of the NFL season.
  • A user can earn only up to ONE (1) entry to the 2020 NFL Survivor Poker Pool.
  • NFL Survivor Poker Pool prizes will be in Bitcoin.
  • All scheduled poker tournaments subject to change or cancellation.
  • Nitrogen Sports reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promo.
  • General rules apply for NFL Survivor winners, please check the NFL Survivor Rules and FAQs for complete details.

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