How to Win Exclusive NFL Survivor Pool invites via Social Media

NFL Survivor Social Pool

Gather round football fans of social media. We are bringing back our incredibly successful NFL Survivor Pool for the 2019 NFL season, and we are here to invite you to be part of it.

Just like last in 2018, Nitrogen Sports has set up an exclusive NFL Survivor Social Pool that will be comprised entirely of players from three selected social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Bitcoin Talk).

We know how hard social fans go hard at each other when debating about NFL topics, and we want to see the same intensity from them when trying to qualify for the pool. That’s also why we have allotted a total of $1,000 (~0.1 BTC) in guaranteed free bet prize for this particular NFL Survivor Pool.

Not everyone can post insane workouts on social media like Antonio Brown, but here’s how you can get our attention to qualify for our NFL Survivor Social Pool.

Playing NFL Survivor Pool is easy and can be learned in just a couple of minutes. You can read an overview of how to play it along with necessary rules and guidelines on our NFL Survivor Pool primer.

Join NFL Survivor Social Pool 2019
Join NFL Survivor Social Pool 2019

How to qualify via Facebook


  • Users must FOLLOW and LIKE Nitrogen Sports Facebook page.
  • Users must REPLY on relevant thread/s* posted throughout the promo period (August 18 to September 3).
  • Users to REPLY with NITRO ID and TAG 2 Friends to gain a slot in the pool.


How to qualify via Twitter


  • Users must FOLLOW Nitrogen Sports Twitter page.
  • Users must COMMENT/TWEET REPLY on relevant thread/s throughout promo period (August 18 to September 3).
  • User to REPLY with NITRO ID, TAG 2 FRIENDS and include hashtag #NitroNFLSurvivor.
  • Users must set their profiles to PUBLIC else we won’t see their posts.


How to qualify via Bitcoin Talk


  • Users must reply/post on relevant thread.
  • User must REPLY with NITRO ID and post something about their experience with Survivor Pools in previous year (if old player) and expectations on new Survivor Pool/NFL season (if new player).


Other guidelines


  • Qualified users will be added to the 2019 NFL Survivor Social Pool with $1,000 BTC Free Bets prize pool upon verification process.
  • Nitrogen Sports reserves the right to change the schedule and change the terms and conditions of this promo.
  • Previously banned players will be removed from the list and NOT entered into the pool if verified to have fraudulent accounts/activities in the past.


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