Get Back in the Game: Nitrogen Launches Survivor 2nd Chance Pool

2019 NFL 2nd Chance Survivor Pool

More than anything else, football fans will remember Week 3 as the time Daniel Jones completely snatched Eli Manning’s job away as the New York Giants’ starting quarterback. There’s just no bigger story in the NFL right now. Well, there’s Antonio Brown, but we’re more into feel-good narratives.

Jones was also responsible for the elimination of more than a handful of Survivor Pool entries, which trusted Jameis Winston and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to spoil Jones’ debut. Jones and the Giants got the last laugh in Week 3, but it’s not yet the end of the road for eliminated Nitrogen Survivor Pool entries.

If you were one of the players knocked out of our NFL Survivor Pools from Weeks 1 to 3, we’re giving you a second chance!

Still alive? We’re rewarding our most loyal players who’ve joined ANY buy-in pools this year.

That means if you’re one of those players, you’re automatically added to the NFL Survivor Second Chance Pool.

Claim your ticket to the 2nd Chance Pool!

All players of buy-in pools (Prospect, Draftee, Rookie, Captain, All Pro, MVP, Hall of Fame, NITROGEN) have been automatically added to the 2nd Chance Pool. To get started, head over to Nitrogen’s Survivor Pool page and look for the ‘2nd Chance Pool’.

You’ll begin picking games for Week 4, so make sure you prepare well to make the most out of your second opportunity to take home a prize. The last player standing in the Nitrogen 2nd Chance Pool will receiver 0.1 BTC prize.

Please note that you can play in the 2nd Chance Survivor Pool and in other pools where you are still alive simultaneously. Pick wisely!

2019 NFL Survivor Second Chance Pool
2019 NFL Survivor Second Chance Pool


2nd Chance Survivor Pool promo rules


  • Players who have joined any paid pool (Prospect, Draftee, Rookie, Captain, All Pro, MVP, Hall of Fame, NITROGEN) are automatically included in the 2nd Chance Survivor Pool.
  • Players must select their picks from Week 4 onwards until they are eliminated or are the last survivor(s) of the pool.
  • Ultimate survivor(s) win 0.1 BTC.
  • The pool ends on December 29, 2019 or until last player(s) standing.
  • If two or more players survive the pool, the prize is divided equally among the winners.
  • Winner(s) will be rewarded within 48 hours after the completion of the 2nd Chance Survivor Pool.


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