2018 NBA Playoffs Race: Who’s Getting the Boot Out West?

    April 5, 2018 | Promotions Karl Anthony Towns vs. Anthony Davis

    Guess eliminated teams and win up to 0.02 BTC*!

    Win up to 0.02 BTC* if you correctly guess the eliminated teams in our prediction contest!

    Unlike the eastern conference, the battle for the NBA Playoffs spot out west is still on-going with roughly 4 games left for each team in the regular season.

    7 teams (Utah Jazz, San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, Minnesota Timberwolves, New Orleans Pelicans, Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers) are slugging it out for the final five slots for the postseason in the western conference.

    Which teams will make the cut? And which two teams will drop out of the playoff picture?

    Predict those two bubble squads (eliminated teams) in the west playoffs race and earn yourself a 0.02 BTC free bet!

    2018 NBA Playoffs Race Prediction Contest

    Rules and Guidelines

    How to Qualify

    • Only entries via the blog/Gleam platform will be qualified to join and win this contest.
    • Users must have a valid email address and Twitter account to join.
    • All users are welcome to join as long as they have a Nitro ID already. Create an account today at Nitrogen Sports.
    • All players must complete the requirements on Gleam platform:
      – Retweet post.
      – Predictions + Nitrogen ID.
    • If one (or more) is missing, entry will be deemed invalid.
    • Number of entries per user allowed: 1.

    How to Win

    • Players predict the 2 teams getting eliminated from the NBA Playoffs Race this season.
    • Players must choose 2 from the following teams: Utah Jazz, San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, Minnesota
    • Timberwolves, New Orleans Pelicans, Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers.
    • Player(s) with the highest number of correctly predicted teams eliminated in the playoff race will win the contest (maximum 2 points).
    • In case of ties in the number of correctly predicted teams, the winners will get an equal share of the total prize pool.
    • Winner(s) will be credited the equivalent BTC free bet(s) within 48 hours after the final game of the regular season.

    Other Rules

    • New accounts are allowed, so create a Nitrogen Sports account today!
    • Entries must be in before April 7, 3:29 pm EST.
    • Contest runners can choose to move the deadline at a latter date if the west playoffs race is still tight and undecided on initial date.
    • Same exact predictions by multiple players are allowed.
    • If found to have circumvented the rules, players will be banned from current and all future promos and contests.
    • Previously banned players/accounts are still banned.
    • Nitrogen Sports reserves the right to change any terms in this promo.

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