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    June 21, 2019 | Poker WSOP Phil Hellmuth Most Bracelets Won

    It’s impossible to deny the long-term popularity of poker. Yet, the turn of the 21st century saw the game grow into a spectator sport. The introduction of online poker sparked a new generation of avid players.

    New tactics and strategies emerged, each have challenged conservative theories. Those that rise to the top can compete in the most prestigious event.

    The World Series of Poker brings together the heaviest-hitting players. They compete for cash, but also for coveted WSOP bracelets. Whether it is cash or bracelets, these five players listed down by Nitrogen Sports Blog proved themselves to be at the top of the game, as among the few with the most WSOP bracelets.

    Winningest World Series of Poker players of all-time


    Phil Hellmuth

    Any list WSOP players with most bracelets must start with Phil Hellmuth. The poker legend played his way to 15 WSOP bracelets as of July 2018.

    In addition, he is in the top five for both cashes and total earnings. Much of this can be attributed to an unorthodox playing style. He makes up for a lack of theoretical knowledge with strong instincts.

    This combination often results in opponents underestimating him. This is in part due to his reputation as the ‘Poker Brat’. Quick to throw a tantrum, his attitude sometimes earns him the ire of his fellow players.

    Phil Ivey

    At 10 bracelets, Phil Ivey is well on his way to matching Phil Hellmuth’s record. In his first appearance at a World Series of Poker, he defeated Hellmuth to win the bracelet. Ivey is often regarded as one of the strongest general players in the game today. His analytical style allows him to determine the best course against an opponent.

    As such, his advantage grows over the course of the game. His induction into the Poker Hall of Fame occurred in 2017, his first eligible year.

    Antonio Esfandiari

    Unlike the other players on this list, Antonio Esfandiari isn’t among the top players in terms of being among those with WSOP most bracelets. Rather, Esfandiari is a top player due to his immense cash winnings. At well over $22 million dollars, he takes the top slot in WSOP for sheer earnings.

    Esfandiari, a stage magician by trade, maintains his showmanship through poker. His dazzling chip tricks are a staple of several poker television shows. Despite this flair, his play style is methodical and defensive.

    His disciplined approach may not be as flashy as his sleight-of-hand, but it pays off for him in the end.


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    Doyle Brunson

    Few living players measure up against Doyle Brunson’s prolific poker career. Now in his mid-80s, Brunson officially retired from the World Series of Poker in 2018. This technically ends his ‘competitive’ career.

    However, Brunson remains a staple of high-stakes games. A true legend of WSOP with among the most bracelets to show (he’s got 10), Brunson has more than earned his place at the table.

    As befits a veteran player, Brunson plays a balanced and analytical game. He’s not one to follow the break-out field of poker theory. Rather, he relies on leveraging his experience and reputation to his advantage.

    Johnny Chan

    Finishing out the list, Johnny Chan is the final player to hold at least 10 WSOP bracelets. His famous 1988 win appeared in the movie ‘Rounders’. It also marked the second consecutive win for Chan. Since the late ’80s, his aggressive play style kept him in the poker spotlight.

    He is another player that relies on experience over newly established poker theory. Rookie players may discount reading their opponents, but Chan proves the tactic’s importance.

    It takes more skill than luck to become a winner in poker, and the guys we mentioned on the list will all certainly agree with it. At one point, WSOP players with the most players had to start somewhere.

    For beginners of the game, you can check out Nitrogen Sports Blog’s online poker guide before hitting the poker rooms.

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