Six-Plus Hold‘Em cash games and tournaments now open

Nitrogen Poker Six-Plus Hold'em

Nitrogen Sports is spicing things up for the holidays by including a new poker variation — Six-Plus Hold’em! Say goodbye to cards lower than 6 as this game features a 36-card deck instead of the traditional 52-card set.

Six-Plus Hold’em — How does it work?

With Six-Plus Hold’em, traditional Texas Hold’em rules apply with two important changes — the removal of cards 2, 3, 4, and 5, plus a different hand-ranking system.

Six-Plus Hold’em is a popular poker variant with different versions of its unique hand rankings. Nitrogen Sports’ version uses a hand-ranking system that will make you think twice before shoving in on a Full House.

Nitrogen Sports Six-Plus Hold’em hand rankings


Six-Plus Hold'Em Hand Rankings

Take note of the order and rankings of the Flush in Nitrogen Sports’ Six-Plus Hold’em. It’s a stronger hand in this poker version than in the traditional one, as it beats a Full House here. After all, it’s more difficult to complete a Flush in Six-Plus Hold‘em since you only have nine suited cards to work with compared to the traditional thirteen.

Hand rankings aren’t the only thing you need to adjust as your strategy in traditional Texas Hold’em will not be as effective and reliable in this variant. You’ll see a lot more action here as high-value hands will be common since creating straights and Full Houses are made easier thanks to the smaller deck size. Even rare pairs such as pocket aces will feel like a regular occurrence in Six-Plus Hold’em.

Same with regular hold’em, the aces still count as high or low when making straights, which means the lowest possible straight becomes Ax-6x-7x-8x-9x (the ace here replaces the missing 5x).

The changes in Six-Plus Hold ’em are perfect for players who love being on the edge of their seats with each hand. It’s an ideal alternative to traditional Texas Hold’em poker and Nitrogen Sports is happy to provide this variant to all players.


This new Poker variant features a smaller deck size and a unique hand rankings. Visit Nitrogen Poker to try Six-Plus Hold’em and get ready for non-stop action.


Starting December 17, 2019 at 7AM US ET, you can start playing Six-Plus Hold‘em cash games and tournaments at Nitrogen Poker! New to Nitrogen Poker? We have a Nitrogen poker guide with all the details you need to get started.

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