Get Straight Into the Action with Quick Seating for Nitrogen Poker

Nitrogen Poker Quick Seating Feature

Nitrogen Poker is getting an upgrade. A great session of poker starts with finding the right table at the right buy-in. We want our poker players to get into the action as quickly and conveniently as possible. With that in mind, Nitrogen Poker is introducing a quick seating feature for cash game tables.

More playing time with Quick Seating

Browsing through various games and finding the perfect table to start your poker session can now be done with just a few clicks. With Quick Seating, you are instantly placed on a table based on your preferred stake. Not only is it more convenient, you may actually accomplish more hands per hour with Quick Seating.
Poker Quick Seating
When you enter Nitrogen Poker, you’ll notice a few small changes to the UI: the number of players in cash games are visible, as well as the status of each table on the bottom right, giving players an idea of how busy things are before committing to a game. The new feature will prioritize placing players at a busy table, and if you feel the need to back out and continue your session with a new batch of players, you can do so easily with just a few clicks.

Quick Seating is currently available for all cash game tables. Stay updated for the latest changes and additions to your favorite games at Nitrogen Sports. For more questions regarding Nitrogen Poker, we have a guide to playing online poker published on the blog as well as an FAQ with all the details you need.

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