Announcement: Nitro Poker Challenges Change and New Schedule


Article Updated: June 8, 2021

With the rise of the bitcoin price in recent years, Nitrogen Sports Poker will be applying changes to its poker tournament offers starting May 1, 2021. This will affect the regularly scheduled tournaments for Nitro Poker Challenges, guaranteed and non-guaranteed tournaments with the aim to adjust to all kinds of players– from the high-stakes to the casual players of Nitrogen Sports. 

Same as before, cash games from various stakes will be offered daily and 24 hours a day, from the high-takes 10 mBTC (~$550) and now to as low as 0.5 mBTC (or roughly less than a dollar). 

And also same as previous years, Nitrogen Sports will be guaranteeing big BTC prizes to its most loyal poker players. 


Get back into the game and regain your footing on the poker table!


From the previous five (5) Nitro Poker Challenges freerolls, we are cutting that down to three (3); the Daily Rookie Challenge, the Weekly All Star Challenge, and the Weekly Hall of Famer Challenge.  As promised, the big guarantee won’t change and that’s still a total of 2,250 mBTC given away monthly to our active players. 

Starting June 30, 2021, all Nitro Poker Challenge Freerolls will have adjusted guaranteed prize pools but also reduced Nitro Poker points required to give chance to more players to qualify.

Daily Rookie Challenge Freeroll

Points Required: 10
Prize Pool (mBTC): 40
Time: 9:00 PM EST
Day: Daily
Starting Chips: 1500 

Weekly All Star Challenge Freeroll

Points Required: 50
Prize Pool (mBTC): 200
Time: 6:00 PM EST
Day: Sundays
Starting Chips: 5000

Mid-Month MVP Challenge Freeroll

Points Required: 150
Prize Pool (mBTC): 600
Time: 8:00 PM EST
Day: Every 16th of the month
Starting Chips: 5000

Monthly Hall of Famer Challenge Freeroll

Points Required: 250
Prize Pool (mBTC): 1000
Time: 8:00 PM EST
Day: Every 30th of Month
Starting Chips: 5000

Additionally, most of our freeroll tournaments will serve as feeders to actual bitcoin buy-in events giving the players more chances to win our events and take home big bitcoin prizes. Regular freeroll tournaments will still be available daily, leading up to our regular daily and weekly guaranteed bitcoin events. 

The aim for Nitro Poker, as always, is to be accessible to all of its players. With the recent changes, all forms of poker players, from high-stakes to casual players will be able to enjoy our platform better. 

Please refer to the Nitro Poker hub for the complete schedule.

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