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As arguably the most popular format of a timeless casino tabletop card came classic, Tournament Poker has drawn a massive audience with its unparalleled mix of strategy and luck. And with Texas Hold ‘em Poker Tournament – Nitrogen Casino’s most interactive version of the fan favorite yet – players can now do battle not against a dealer, but against fellow poker enthusiasts in the virtual sphere.

Read on for our brief guide on Texas Hold ‘em Poker and how Texas Hold ‘em Poker tournaments provide even more thrills and opportunities to win bitcoin without leaving the comfort of your home. Afterwards, head over to our Nitrogen Sports Blog to catch up on all the latest news and developments in the world of sports.

Why should you play Tournament Poker?

Texas Hold ‘em Poker saw a boom in viewership sometime in the early to mid-2000s, with the World Poker Tour airing their tournaments live on television. The WPT basically introduced this variation of poker to the wider public, and many fans of card games witnessed just how tense Texas Hold ‘em Poker can be and the massive cash prizes that are won by the pros. 

Nitrogen Casino brings the Texas Hold ‘em Poker tournament experience to the online platform, having dozens of freeroll tournaments in any given month as well as high-stakes tourneys for more skilled players. 

Not only are there no-limit Poker tournaments always happening around the clock at Nitrogen Casino, there are also tournaments for other more unique poker formats such as Pineapple and DeepStack for players to dip their toes and possibly waddle in for hours on end as well.

How to play Tournament Poker?

Tournament Poker makes use of the winning hand combinations found in five-card poker games of all variations, except with a huge twist. Head over here for a more detailed list of winning poker hands and other fundamentals.

In Texas Hold ‘em Poker, players will only be dealt two cards to start a round. Then, players evaluate their two-card hand with winning poker hand combinations in mind and the first round of betting begins.

Once all bets have been placed, the dealer will now deal three community cards known as the “flop”. Players then reassess their odds to get a winning hand, or perhaps if they already got a winning hand with the community cards now in play. Two more cards will be dealt by the dealer, also known as the “turn” and “river” stages of the round, respectively. Betting rounds will also occur in between these stages, with the game’s overall round ending once all bets are finalized during the river phase.


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The player with the best winning poker hand wins considering all five community cards in play. Players can also win without even having to see three, four, five, or no community cards whatsoever, as players have the option to fold their subpar two-card hand if a player raises the stakes at any phase of the betting round.

There are also features in Texas Hold ‘em Poker not found in the game’s five-card variants known as the “small blind” and the “big blind”. These blinds help progress the game faster, forcing two players in a given round to automatically place bets before the round begins. 

The player who’s the small blind must wager half of what the big blind is required to bet for the round. For example: If the blinds are set at 0.0001 BTC and 0.0002, the big blind is required to bet 0.0002 upfront before any betting round begins, while the small blind is required to bet 0.0001. The  blinds will also increase in value once they’ve been passed through a certain number of cycles between all players on the table.

The strategic side of Texas Hold ‘em Poker comes into play mainly during the betting rounds. Players’ betting trends vary from one another, with some being more aggressive by calling more bluffs while others either play a more thought-out and balanced game or a more passive approach. Beginners looking to get in on Texas Hold ‘em Poker should also watch at least one of the many tournaments online for free to get a better grasp of the game’s flow and the mental attrition at play. 

How to play Poker Tournaments?

Here’s how a typical Texas Hold ‘em Poker Tournament works.

First, players must place their buy-in money for the specific tournament to receive their in-game chips. Then, the action begins, with the field of participants for the given tournament playing it out until only one player is left standing.

A standard Texas Hold ‘em Poker table holds eight players to begin with. Once players from different tables start to get eliminated, the surviving players will eventually be moved to another table to even out the playing field across all active tables in the tournament. Similar to traditional live Texas Hold ‘em Poker tournaments, Making the final table of eight players is quite a distinction, especially if the field of entrants are in the hundreds and, at times, thousands.

Do note that cash prizes vary from one tournament to another depending on several factors such as the size of the field, the poker tournament format, and the cutoff number of players that are eligible to win, otherwise known as being “in the money”.

For more helpful betting tips, feel free to check out our casino guide.

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