Basic Poker Strategies to Help You Win

Online Poker Strategies

Playing online poker can be quite challenging, not only for beginners but also for professional Texas Hold’em poker players. Worry not–here’s a guide to playing poker online for you. Nitrogen Sports Blog listed the best poker strategies and tips that will help you learn the basics of online poker and boost your winning rate.

1. Familiarize yourself with online poker basics

Online poker has some unique features such as time-bank feature which are not found in the traditional casino. Online poker is different from the live cash world as it limits the players time to act, either to check, raise or fold.

You should also familiarize yourself with additional features of online poker; from table layout, where you should see the buttons when wanting to go all-in or fold, for example and from the lobby layout, where you can easily identify which poker variations or tournaments you want to play during your online poker session.

Transitioning from live play to online poker is relatively easy. Ultimately, the convenience in playing the latter will reap more benefits in the long-term.

2. Table position is important

Same with live poker, position is everything and crucial in online poker, be in Texas Hold ‘em, Pot-Limit Omaha, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo and other poker variations.

What is position in poker?

In the first round of betting (pre-flop), the player after the big blind (under the gun) gets to act first and action goes all the way back to the blinds.

In the second round of betting (post-flop), the small and big blinds act first and the dealer’s button get to act last.

All poker pros advise to take advantage, and even act more aggressively when in late position and this can pay off any player both in cash games or poker tournaments.

Basic Poker Strategies
Basic Poker Strategies

3. Understand pot and hand odds

Understanding poker’s basic math–pot odds and hand odds–play a vital role in informing a player the probability of winning the hand. This is the first step in identifying if a hand is worth playing.

There are of course the community cards–flop, turn, and river–to evaluate plus the amount of chips in the middle to consider whenever a player decides to call that big bet or fold a nice hand.

The advantages of playing online poker is that there are a variety of online sources to calculate pot odds or even reveal pre-flop tendencies of players.

Despite what’s available online however, learning the basic poker math and rules is important for any new player.

Understanding poker hands or the hole cards (opening hand) is the crucial first step in chasing a big size pot or immediately folding–and this decision will go long ways in becoming a consistent and successful player.

4. Learn to note online bluffs

Online bluffs are as prevalent in online poker as it is in a live casino or card room, albeit a difficult one to identify in the former.

With live poker, players can obviously observe their opponents right across the table. Finding strengths/weaknesses on how they act, with their mannerisms and tells, is easier live.

However, with online poker, these bluffs can be caught too–either basing on a previous hand they played beforehand and generally just observing the tendencies in betting any stage of the betting.

5. Rest from playing poker

With all the convenience of playing online player (mainly that you can be dealt hands right at the comforts of your home), it can get out of hand for some players who will play without discipline.

Bitcoin poker makes it even easier considering the swift process in withdrawing and depositing funds.

Still, the old adage, “remember to quit” is a necessary warning.

If a player is playing without discipline for a longer period than usual, then resting a bit from playing online poker is a must.

Quit playing, get refreshed by doing other things and just deposit and play again whenever you’re ready to play with discipline again.