How to Play Bitcoin Online Poker

Play Poker Online Guide

It’s about time you learn how to play poker online using Bitcoin.

If you haven’t heard about Bitcoin yet, then we’ll take a minute to explain: Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer (p2p) virtual currency with a huge range of benefits over traditional money, especially for online poker players.

Taking Bitcoin’s rapid jump in price at face value, it’s tempting to make the switch on its fiscal merit alone, but there’s another world waiting beneath the surface for online poker players who are willing to explore the fascinating aspects of cryptocurrency.

Starting to play poker with Bitcoin and using it to deposit and withdraw is easy, and syncs nicely with the fast-paced nature of online poker.

In this online poker guide by Nitrogen Sports Blog, you’ll learn how to switch to playing online poker with Bitcoin, funding your account with Bitcoin, and the advantages of playing online poker with Bitcoin.

New to online poker? We suggest you read up on some of our poker strategies and tips first to help boost your winning rate.

Look for a safe and reliable Poker site that accepts Bitcoin

If you’re playing on a poker site that doesn’t transact with Bitcoin, the first step is to find a site that accept deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin. Make sure to find a secure and reliable site to avoid losing hard-earned bitcoins.

After choosing a poker website, you will need to fund your account with Bitcoin so you will be able to join the cash games and poker tournaments on the sites. Here’s a guide on how to get Bitcoin for your initial poker bankroll.

Bitcoin poker sites are no different than the usual poker rooms In that most of the rules and mechanics of playing poker are the same (anti-collusion, among others).

Like traditional online poker sites, Bitcoin poker sites also offers the poker variants including;

  • Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Pot Limit or Fixed Limit Hold ‘Em
  • Pineapple
  • Omaha
  • Freezeout Tournaments
  • Challenges
  • Rebuy and Add-On Tournaments

Now that you have an idea about how to get Bitcoin, you’re ready to try your hand at winning the high-guaranteed poker tournament of your choice or Six-Plus Hold’em Poker at Nitrogen Sports.


Advantages of Playing Online Poker


Online poker is basically the same popular global card game played everywhere from kitchens among friends, to high-end casinos in exotic locations, but played through the internet, online poker leverages the use of mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers. Nearly all poker variants are playable online.

One of the advantages in playing poker online with Bitcoin is that most sites do not require personal information when creating an account and playing on online poker rooms because of its anonymous nature.

The feature comes in handy for players in these specific ways. One is for online security, using Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw on poker websites saves you from the possibility of credit card frauds.

Another benefit of transacting with Bitcoin is playing poker online anonymously. Players can feel secure knowing that their personal details is not linked to their account online.


A Faster Kind of Poker


So why play online poker over live poker? Online poker is popular because it typically plays must faster than live poker. More hands dealt means more chances of quickly getting to a diverse range of pots.

If looking for more action, multitabling is also offered by most online poker websites. Play on multiple tables, as many as you want, and open up the opportunity to play simultaneous hands for a chance to win more.

If you do plan on running multiple tables, we suggest you review your knowledge of poker hands so that all your focus is on how to best play each hand in every table.

The stakes can also be a lot different in online poker. With online poker you have more options if you want to take part in smaller micro stakes risks or in high-roller, big Bitcoin prize pools.

With this, poker players can play online for as low as 0.0001 BTC, which is equivalent to 6 cents USD. Lastly, have the option to play in freeroll tournaments, play poker for free, and earn Bitcoin without buy-in.


Poker Schedule Versatility


Wherever you happen to be, online poker is available 24/7, and there should be something on hand to suit your grind schedule. With more hands to play and anonymous players as opponents, betting on the flop, turn or river offers up a completely different set of strategies.

Online bluffing may take a little while to get used to, but as with anything in poker, players will adjust to the table’s play.

Test out different strategies in poker free plays, where you can play poker without buy-ins, and find the perfect play that suits your style.


Fast Withdrawals for Bitcoin Poker


Naturally, if you win an online tournament or have a great session playing in cash games, you want the ability to take your money out whenever you wish. That’s not always possible with traditional online poker platforms.

But with Bitcoin’s fast payment and withdrawal process, taking home that large chuck of the prize pool is easily done.

Other than avoiding the process of waiting for your money to be credited to your account, Bitcoin transactions are also cheap, which means a higher EV for your usual poker grind.

Without a doubt, Bitcoin is the fastest way to withdraw in online poker. Bitcoin and the blockchain process is lightning fast with transactions completed almost immediately unlike with credit cards and bank transfers.

Once you’ve decided to play poker online, you’ll notice the benefits of using Bitcoin almost right away. The convenience and speed of both the play and of moving money will be difficult to ignore, and you’ll realize there’s no better payment option when playing poker online.


Nitro Poker Bonuses and Tournaments


Nitrogen Sports offer daily poker tournaments (e.g. Nitro Blitz poker tournaments) that cover the entire day and some exclusive ones. Tournaments such as the Poker Bubble Bonus Freeroll, for example, allow players who fell just one position short in a specified poker tournament, to play in a special, invite-only table.




Please see the following table to understand Nitrogen’s rake structure. Note that Nitrogen reserves the right to change its poker rake (with notice) as Bitcoin price fluctuates and other influencing factors come into play.

Nitrogen Poker Rake Update