Bubble Bonus Freeroll: Poker rewards for that heartbreaking bustout!

Poker Bubble Freerolls

Article updated: Sep 6, 2020
Did your bubble burst the last time you played in a Nitro Poker tournament? Missing the cut right when you’re at the cusp of the money round leaves a bad taste in the mouth, but we are making things sweeter for you with Bubble Bonus Freeroll!

All players who busted out just one spot off the bitcoin payout round are invited to take a premium seat in this type of exclusive poker freerolls.

This is how you will parlay a bad break (or bad beat!) into a golden opportunity to rule the tables, and Nitrogen Sports Blog would love to see you take advantage of it via this poker bonus freeroll.


Get back into the game and regain your footing on the poker table!


For the upcoming 100 mBTC GTD Bubble Bonus Freeroll, all players who were a spot off “in the money” (ITM) in the following tournaments that ran from August 1-31, 2020 (US EDT) have reserved seats for the poker bonus tournament.

  • Nitro Blast 500 mBTC GTD
  • 100 mBTC Sunday Special
  • 100 mBTC Sunday Special – Rebuy Event
  • 100 mBTC Saturday Special
  • 50 mBTC GTD NLHE
  • 50 mBTC GTD NLHE [Rebuy]
  • Daily 10 mBTC GTD Turbo NLHE [Rebuy]

If you’ve landed in Xth place (or ITM+1) in any tournament mentioned above, you will gain a Nitro Poker ticket named “Bubble Bonus Ticket”, which you can use to this month’s 100 mBTC GTD Bubble Bonus Freeroll scheduled on September 19 (Saturday) starting at 8 PM.

More Bubble Bonus poker freerolls in the near future, so keep playing Nitro Poker tournaments!

100 mBTC GTD Bubble Bonus Freeroll
Start Date/Time
September 19 at 8PM
Prize Pool
100 mBTC
Starting Stack
Top 10% to 20%


Why should you play poker at Nitrogen Sports?

Nitrogen Sports prioritizes the security of players and the integrity of each poker game. The strict and diligent implementation of our anti-collusion policy, among other guidelines, guarantees a carefree experience for all our players. In addition, Nitrogen Sports has a rewarding loyalty program and a superior support system. If you have any questions or concerns with regards to your experience in playing Nitrogen Poker Bubble Bonus freerolls, please feel free to contact our support team via support ticket.

100 mBTC GTD Bubble Bonus Freeroll Rules and Guidelines


  • Only qualified “bubble” players will receive poker tickets to the exclusive freeroll. See below for full explanation on which players will be considered the bubble.
  • Only players who have played in predetermined Nitro Poker tournaments and predetermined promo duration will qualify.
  • The actual date of the freeroll will be scheduled no later than one month after the last day of the promo period.
  • Nitrogen Sports reserves the right to change the schedule, suspend or cancel the freeroll tournament due to technical difficulties and/or other reasons.
  • The Nitro Poker tournaments that will serve as “qualifiers” to the freeroll and the promo duration will be announced by Nitrogen Sports in a blog post.
  • Nitrogen Sports reserves the right to add/remove qualifying tournaments and change the promo duration if multiple players are involved in any fraudulent act.
  • Nitrogen Sports reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promo.

  • Players can earn only up to one (1) poker ticket for the freeroll regardless of how many times he has “bubbled” during the promo period.
  • The poker ticket can only be used once and only for the specific tournament identified for that specific promo period.
  • Qualified players will receive the “Bubble Bonus” poker tickets no later than three (3) days before the freeroll tournament.
  • Players are responsible for registering in the freeroll tournament. If a player missed out on registering for the tournament (e.g. tried to register past the tournament registration deadline, etc), Nitrogen Sports will not add or refund any poker tickets.

  • For the purpose of this promo, “bubble” players are defined as the players who have placed exactly one spot off the “money round” based on the payout list in Nitro Poker’s system.
  • In a 25-player tournament, eight (8) players made the money round, the 9th placer will be qualified.
  • In a 25-player tournament, eight (8) players made the money round but the 9th and 10th placers were eliminated at the same time. In case of simultaneous eliminations, only the player who has landed exactly one (1) spot off the money round will be qualified, or only the 9th placer will be qualified. The 10th placer (or more if there are more involved in the simultaneous elimination) will not qualify.

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