Who Can Upset Joey Chestnut at the 2019 Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest?

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    Joey Chestnut is too hot dog eating contest as to what Michael Jordan is to basketball. It’s hard to argue against the idea that Chestnut is the greatest hot dog eater of all time. But that doesn’t mean he’s unbeatable.

    He’s been upset in the past, and could be defeated again this year, especially if the names we’ve mentioned below step up their performance at the 2019 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Nitrogen Sports Blog lists down three big eaters you should be keeping a close eye on.

    Best bets to upset Joey Chestnut at the 2019 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

    Where: Coney Island, Brooklyn
    When: July 4, 2019
    Defending champion: Joey Chestnut

    Matt Stonie

    Ranked third on the Eating Rankings by Major League Eating, Stonie Matt Stonie is definitely no stranger to the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. In 2015, Stonie stunned the nation by scoring a huge upset victory over eight-time defending champion Joey Chestnut to take home the coveted Mustard Belt.

    Stonie edged Chestnut by a slim two-hotdog lead, 62-60. Chestnut regained his championship belt the following year. But, Stonie remains one of the few competitors to topple the king at his own game. In other words, he has what it takes to win the 2019 Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest.

    Geoffrey Esper

    Geoffrey Esper, who is No. 2 on the Eating Rankings, has plenty of experience in facing off with Chestnut.In fact, he has defeated the hot dog champion a couple of times over the past year. Last August, Esper ate 15.5 pints of ice cream compared to Chestnut’s 14.5. Early this June, he defeated Chestnut at the World Hostess Donettes-eating Championship, eating 235 to Chestnut’s 200.

    While Esper has yet to win the famous Independence Day event in Coney Island, this looks like it might be his year, when he meets Chestnut and others at the 2019 Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest.

    Darron Breeden

    A newcomer to the sport, Darron Breeden quickly seized the No.4 slot in the rankings. He came out of nowhere during the 2016 qualifiers for the Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest, and while he didn’t top that event, he did just enough to turn many heads.

    He’s clearly established himself as a force to be reckoned with. In one of his first world records, he consumed five pounds and two ounces of cheese curds. This resulted in an upset victory over Joey Chestnut. In early June of this year, he managed to put a staggering total of 47 hot dogs inside his body, matching Geoffrey Esper.

    The performance set a record for the Norfolk, VA qualifiers. Also, it puts him in a position to challenge Chestnut at this year’s championship.

    Bet on 2019 Hot Dog Eating Contest
    Bet on 2019 Hot Dog Eating Contest

    There is glory in being a massive eater. Joey Chestnut can certainly attest to that, as he’s gone places and reached a level of fame he likely would not have attained had he chosen a different endeavor.

    Chestnut is a legend in the competitive eating circuit, and an even bigger one in Coney Island every July. There’s a reason he owns the shortest Nathan’s hot dog eating contest odds this 2019.

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