Top 5 Hottest 2022 Los Angeles Rams WAGs

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It’s only fitting that Los Angeles Rams players are expected to have some very attractive company by their side considering that they’re based in the heart of sunny Southern California where beauty and fashion are prime assets. That being said, let’s take a look at the most attractive significant others of those Rams players whom we all would love to catch a glimpse of on live TV during Super Bowl LVI.

Read on as we list down the five hottest wives and girlfriends of Los Angeles Rams players from the 2021 season. And to be on top of all the developments from the 2022 NFL Playoffs and beyond, head on over to Nitrogen Sports Blog after this.

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Kelly Stafford

No Rams WAGs list would be complete without the relatively dominant presence of Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly Hall Stafford, who’s been very active on the media in support of her husband more than ever now that her hubby has finally made it to the Super Bowl.

Matthew (not Matt!) is certainly lucky to have a woman such as Kelly by his side through thick and thin. Kelly is a full-blooded football-loving American, as she was a cheerleader in Georgia where she and the former Detroit Lions franchise QB met. Her brother, Chad Hall, is even the Buffalo Bills’ wide receivers coach to this day.

Anna Marie Kupp

To say that Stafford’s connection with the best wide receiver of the 2021 NFL season, Cooper Kupp, is as strong as any other QB-WR relationship would be an understatement. However, their chemistry is no comparison to Kupp’s real-life partner in Anna Marie Kupp.

Cooper and Anna have been married since 2019 and have been inseparable since. So inseparable that we couldn’t even find a decent photo of Anna without her main man right next to her. Then again, all we have to know is that Kupp certainly hit it out of the park in finding an attractive and supportive woman to help him reach new heights in the NFL.

Lauren Wood

Kupp’s fellow stellar wideout in Odell Beckham Jr., meanwhile, is still living up the bachelor life in the City of Angels. However, Beckham’s been in a relationship with his girlfriend and Instagram model Lauren Wood since November of 2019, with the two announcing their relationship to the public during the three-time Pro Bowl receiver’s birthday.

We give a ton of credit to OBJ to not be tempted by other IG personalities scattered all across LA. Then again, given Lauren’s knockout bod and killer looks, he’d also be a fool to let her go after what seems like two years of having a healthy relationship.


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Makayla Hekker

Heck (or more like Hekk), even the Rams’ special teams have it good when it comes to the ladies. Four-time first-team All-Pro punter Johnny Hekker’s wife, Makayla, has seen her fair share of coverage on the internet after fans caught word that Johnny’s missus is quite the stunner.

Hekker hasn’t been seen much in Rams games lately mainly because they’ve been scoring in quite an alarming rate this season. That’s just better news for Makayla, who’ll have to worry less about his man’s safety in the gridiron and worry more about keeping his performance in the bedroom at an optimal level. 

Veronika Khomyn

Last but not least, head coach Sean McVay takes the cake in terms of having arguably the hottest WAG amongst all Rams players and coaching staff. But hey, that’s what having a brilliant mind and a dashing face will do for you, especially if widely renowned for being the youngest head coach in NFL history.

McVay is currently engaged to gorgeous Ukrainian model and fashion savant, Veronika Khomyn. The picture-perfect couple has been together for over a decade now and is living the best life in LA. However, we wouldn’t be opposed to a split between the two in the event that McVay goes 0-for-2 in the Super Bowl and with Veronika suddenly back in the dating market for daydreaming schlubs like us.

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