Top 5 Hottest 2022 Cincinnati Bengals WAGs

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While the setting of Super Bowl 56 has hotties left and right being that it’ll take place in the heart of Southern California, there’s no reason to believe that the folks from Queen City have just as many dazzling beauties as well. That being said, let’s take a look at a handful of those ladies who are fortunate enough to be significant others of Cincinnati Bengals players.

Read on as we list down the five hottest wives and girlfriends of Cincinnati Bengals players from the 2021 season. And to be on top of all the developments from the 2022 NFL Playoffs and beyond, head on over to Nitrogen Sports Blog after this.

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Olivia Holzmacher

It’s hard to fathom another woman other than Olivia Holzmacher as Joe Burrow’s girlfriend. The two met back during Burrow’s initial collegiate stint in Ohio State before transferring and making his name in Louisiana State.

Not only is Olivia a dashing dame always in full support of her man on social media, but she’s also an analytics expert. Olivia didn’t need much stat-crunching to know that Joe had a record-setting, Heisman Trophy-winning 2019 campaign in LSU. On the other hand, she probably has to calculate the intense love-making potential they’ll be getting into whenever Burrow does something amazing on the field.

Ambar Nicole

Rookie wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase could not have found a better play in the pros than Cincinnati, as his reunion with Burrow has proven to be one of the most lethal passing tandems in the league to date. However, Chase’s love life is a totally different path compared to that of his collegemate’s “college darling” route.

Like many professional athletes, Ja’Marr has taken the Instagram model route for his dating prospects and found himself with a curvaceous stunner in Ambar Nicole. Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship has been quite rocky at times, with Ambar alleging Chase of domestic abuse in August 2021. That being said, is anybody daring enough to get Ambar to love another sport like basketball and show her how to “rebound”?

Morgan Mead

Second-year linebacker Logan Wilson has slowly become the heart and soul of the Bengals’ defense after leading his teams in total tackles with 130 this season (30 in the playoffs alone). However, we’re more curious about Wilson’s tackling abilities in the bedroom with his fiancee, Morgan Mead.

Morgan was a cheerleader in Wyoming, where she met Logan and have been together since. She can now be often seen celebrating with Burrow’s girlfriend from earlier, Olivia, and many more WAGs of Cincy players.



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Sarah Sherman

38-year-old head coach Zac Taylor is a young, brilliant leader for the upstart Bengals who’s clawed his way to the top of the coaching food chain since his NFL coaching debut in 2012. Along the way, he met and ended up marrying Sarah Sherman, who happens to be the daughter of former Green Bay Packers head coach, Mike Sherman.

Football certainly runs in the Taylor household, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Zac consults his father-in-law for coaching advice on a constant basis. The sports-loving couple has four kids together, who’ll likely become professional athletes themselves in the near future.

Sarah Taylor

Yes, there are indeed two Sarah Taylors on our list. Zac Taylor’s wife from earlier being one of them, and the other being Sarah Chaffee-Taylor: wideout Trent Taylor’s wife. Although Trent has seen little-to-no action on the field since entering the league, at least he and his wife got a bit of a social media rub recently. 

49ers tight end George Kittle is a close friend of the Taylors as he was drafted by the Niners alongside Trent in 2017. Kittle shared his congratulations to Sarah and Trent on Instagram during the  Bengals’ AFC Championship Game win over the Chiefs, and we wouldn’t be opposed to seeing more of Sarah any many more Bengals WAGs leading up to the big game on February 13.

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