Nitrogen Sports makes interface changes to improve player experience

Nitrogen Sports Announcement

There’s a new feel to the interface of Nitrogen Sports coming your way.

Starting Wednesday (March 17, 2020), expect a different atmosphere when you explore our sportsbook, as we have made minor changes on the site to improve the experience of our players.

Perhaps the most noticeable change is the relocation of the three key items on the sidebar to the top of the page when viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. These items are the links to the “Sportsbook,” “Poker,” and “Casino.”

For reference, this is how the old home page was laid out prior to the change:

Old Nitrogen Sports Homepage

Starting today, you will be welcomed to the Nitrogen Sports home page by this layout:

New Nitrogen Sports Layout

Although not drastic, this simple change should accentuate the navigational cues of our top products, while still providing convenient access to the subcategories of our sportsbook, which are still found on the left side of the screen.

Furthermore, the new look also gives players quicker access to our support team, which they can reach out to 24/7 whenever a concern arises, by clicking on the lifebuoy icon found at the upper rightmost part of the screen, as seen on this zoomed-in graphic:

Nitrogen Sports Username

Players will also notice that the “Click here to create Bitcoin address” is gone, giving a more minimalist feel to the top menu bar.

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