Latest Update on Nitrogen Sports Parlay Jackpot — September 2021

Nitrogen Sports Announcement

The monthly Parlay Jackpot of Nitrogen Sports will be on pause until further notice, beginning September 2021. This is to give time for Nitrogen Sports to make further improvements for the benefit of all future participants.

This is also in line with Nitrogen Sports’ objective to provide an ever-improving experience and environment for our players. Nitrogen Sports always strives in finding ways to upgrade our services, as shown in previous changes we have made in the past. We have detailed the key changes to the sportsbook here.



Betting lines on who will win Super Bowl LV and which teams will win their respective divisions are now available at Nitrogen Sports



If you’re new to Nitrogen Sportsbook’s Parlay Jackpot, it’s simply a great way for players to earn Bitcoin even on losing parlay bets. Every month, the top seven players with the highest amounts of parlay payouts in each of the three designated pools (heavyweight, middleweight, and featherweight) share a prize pool. 

Learn more about the Parlay Jackpot here, so you’d be ready once we have it up and running again.

Stay tuned for the latest updates with regards to the return of the Parlay Jackpot.

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