Golden Globes 2019: Bohemian Rhapsody, Black Panther up for Best Picture

    Bohemian Rhapsody Golden Globes

    In film and television, the Golden Globes are one of the most distinguished accolades someone can receive. It’s a validation of the work and endless hours that go into a production, and this year Nitrogen Sports Blog highlights a couple of films that stand out as contenders to take one home and write their name in the history books.

    One nominee for best motion picture is Black Panther, a huge grossing Marvel film. Its success in the box office translates into critical acclaim, as they look likely to pick up a Globe or two themselves.

    With great actors to its name such as Danai Gurira, Michael B Jordan, and many others, they certainly have firepower. Reviews for the film are booming and financial success was immense, so winning would be the cherry on top of a very sweet cake for Marvel and everyone involved.

    Golden Globe Awards Best Picture
    Golden Globe Awards Best Picture

    Another worthwhile candidate is Bohemian Rhapsody. The Freddie Mercury biopic was a huge hit with fans and critics, with many praising the detail and accuracy the film displayed to Mercury’s story. They will feel very confident about their chances, and with the success they’ve enjoyed why wouldn’t they?

    In other categories this movie stands up, as lead star Rami Malek is up for the best male performance award for drama, meaning that Bohemian Rhapsody could snap up a potential double swoop this year.

    In the female equivalent of this individual award, esteemed actresses like Nicole Kidman, and renaissance woman Lady Gaga are also in the running. Kidman is respected of course, and seeing Gaga show skills in aspects other than music is certainly interesting.

    All in all there’s some great film and talent contending for the Golden Globes this year, and it will be a new years treat to see who takes home the awards on January 6.


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