2020 US Presidential Election betting odds for Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and others

2020 US Elections odds

This year, millions of United States citizens will troop to polling stations to elect a new president. Donald Trump could be re-elected, too, barring any hindrances down the road, while the likes of Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg are hoping they could get the chance of challenging the Republican side. Nitrogen Sports Blog takes a look at the 2020 US Presidential Election and the odds of some of the personalities aspiring to hold office in the White House.

2020 US Presidential Election preview and odds

Politics in the United States have been anything but normal for the past few years. And now, in the coming months, the heat and contention will surely be ratcheted up. The 2020 US Presidential Election is approaching and things could get testy. The candidates will start becoming more visible and the proverbial punches will be thrown more frequently. With only weeks until primary season kicks off, Nitrogen Sports Blog takes a look at some of the favorites and long shots to win the White House.

Donald Trump (-139)

It’s not often that an incumbent President loses an election. In fact it has only happened five times in American history. And the last time it happened was in 1992 when George H.W. Bush lost to Bill Clinton. Following his impeachment, the attempt to remove the 45th President will probably fail in the Senate.

This could galvanize the President’s base and cause Donald Trump to pick up some polling momentum as Election Day nears. Another thing the President has going for him is the performance of the stock market. The market reacted well to Donald Trump’s new trade deal with China and voters are usually hesitant to go against a strong market rally.

Joe Biden (+455)

When it comes to nationwide polling, Joe Biden has a sizeable lead over the rest of the field of Democrats. He also polls well head to head against Donald Trump. Biden’s closeness to the popular Barack Obama gives him a clear name recognition advantage over the other candidates. Biden could have a similar battle with Bernie Sanders to the one Hillary Clinton had with Bernie in 2016. Although Bernie may perform well in the earliest primaries, the Biden camp is expecting to roll through the rest of the primary season.


The 2020 US Presidential Eections is coming and Nitrogen Sports has all the betting lines for the likely canditates to hold office in the White House.



Pete Buttigieg (+2750)

Mayor Pete is trailing in the national polls, but he is gaining support in key early primary states states. Pete Buttigieg is the former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana so he’s proven he can win over Midwestern voters. He’s been polling well in Iowa, the first state to vote in the Democratic primaries. If he can pick up a bunch of delegates in the important Iowa caucus, Buttigieg could build up some steam as Super Tuesday draws closer.

Andrew Yang (+1650)

The internet has a favorite candidate and it is undoubtedly Andrew Yang. He talks about robots taking our jobs and wants to give everyone in The United States 1000 bucks a month. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump himself have shown how fast a movement can grow and it looks like Yang is following in their footsteps. Yang went from an unknown to a Twitter celebrity nearly overnight. His supporters are extremely enthusiastic and donations keep rolling in. The Yang Gang is growing in size and influence everyday.

Politics is an entirely different arena. Not a few would agree that the competition there is harsher than on any football field. With all that you know about the current state of US politics and the 2020 Presidential Election odds, who do you think will win in November?

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