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About Nitro Sims

We’re talking about A.I. here. Not Allen Iverson, but Artificial Intelligence. Technology has become so advanced that humans can completely trust computers to do all the dribbling, kicking, punching, shooting, driving, or whatnot and have these machines’ AIs play against each other — virtually, of course. Think of it as like esports, except that there are no humans handling the controls. The best part? You can bet on these games.

Nitro Sims allows Nitrogen Sports players to make bets on virtual games and win Bitcoin off them. Once the proper settings are configured in a transparent manner and the game starts, it’s all on the computers to provide the action — and the results.

Sim betting: simulated action with real following

Sim betting is a relatively new concept in the industry, but the demand is improving and projections of its growth and popularity, based on the initial reception, are encouraging. The cultural rise of video gaming and its subsequent escape from a mere niche sector into the mainstream scene is very much evident in sim betting. One could view sim betting as the main converging point of betting and video gaming, two concepts that were previously so far apart from each other and yet are now here to bring their respective cliques together.

Betting on sports simulations brings a fresh feeling of excitement for both gamers and sports bettors. Think of any major sport, sports league, or pastime and chances are there’s a virtual game version of it available in which AIs can have at least two sides going at each other. Basketball, football, baseball, hockey, boxing, mixed martial arts, and pro-wrestling are just a few examples of sports that can be simulated. Considering the capacity of today’s technology, the sky isn’t just the limit of sim betting.