Nitro Sims Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are Nitro Sims matches set up?
All Nitro Sims matches have their settings configured before each match. Whenever it is possible, Nitrogen Sports will provide the settings visuals at the beginning of each game.
Are there any forms of human intervention in Nitro Sims matches?
Outside of configuring the settings, all Nitro Sims matches are free of any form of human interference that could influence the outcomes of games.
Are Nitro Sims matches simulated live?
Although replays of matches are available for viewing, all Nitro Sims matches are simulated and shown live first via Twitch.
How are the results of Nitro Sims matches determined?
All results of Nitro Sims matches are determined solely and purely by random computer simulations, free of any form of human action that could have direct influence on the games.
What happens if a Nitro Sims match fails to finish?
In the event that a Nitro Sims match was not able to finish due to, but not limited to, technical issues, bets on that particular match will have NO ACTION. Visit Nitro Sims Rules and Guidelines page for a full breakdown of protocols followed in case a match did not finish.
What is the “pause the game” request feature?
Players will be able to request Nitrogen Sports Twitch mods to pause the game during any live stream. This is to show that the Nitro Sims games are indeed cast live. For each live stream, the mods will allow only a limited number of “pause the game” requests. These requests can be done via the Twitch chat.
Where can we watch the simulated games?
You can watch the Nitro Sims simulated games live or on replay via Nitro Sims. You can also visit the official Nitrogen Sports Twitch channels.