Nitro Picks Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play Nitro Picks?

It’s simple. Just pick a game under Live Contests in the Nitro Picks main page, click Join Now and you will be sent to a specific Nitro Picks contest page.

How do you gain entry to Nitro Picks(Free Entry)?

You must be logged in to your account before being eligible to join the contest and play Nitro Picks. Once you’re logged in, you will be able to make picks, which will be your entry to the contest.

 How do you gain entry to Nitro Picks (Betslip Buy-in)?

You must be logged in to your account before being eligible to join a Nitro Picks contest. Once you’re logged in, you can send a betslip, which is part of the requirement for betslip buy-in Nitro Picks, before making your picks.

What is a “betslip buy-in”?

Entries to Nitro Picks are either free or via betslip buy-in. In betslip buy-in Nitro Picks contests, users are required to submit a valid betslip. Each betslip submitted is subject to system review which determines its validity. Learn more about Betslip Buy-ins (BSB) here.

 Are there bet requirements for betslips submitted for Nitro Picks with betslip buy-in?

Yes, there are betslip requirements and this will be explicitly stated in each contest. Each betslip must be made within a specified Date Range and fall in with a predetermined Minimum Bet Risk.

Are wagers from free bets allowed to be an entry to betslip buy-in Nitro Picks?

Wagers using free bets are not allowed to be used to enter Nitro Picks contests.

How do you win the Nitro Picks contests?

Winning a Nitro Picks contest is easy. Each contest offers unique matchups. Players will have to predict the correct results of these matchups. The player/s with the most correct picks by the end of the contest duration will win/grab an equal share of the prize pool!

How much are the prizes in the Nitro Picks contests?

The amount of prizes in Nitro Picks contests vary from one another. The prizes will be prominently displayed in each contest.

How much can I win in Nitro Picks contests?

Each contest will have a predetermined amount of prizes/prize pools and this prize will be shared among the entries/users who have picked the most correct answers.

For example, there are 10 entries that had the most number of correct picks. This means that the prize will be divided by 10, and equally shared among those 10 entries.

On the flip side, if there is a single entry with the most correct number of picks, s/he will be the sole winner and will be awarded the entire prize.

What are the prizes in the Nitro Picks contests?

All prizes will be paid in bitcoin credited to the winner/s’ accounts which can be used at sportsbook.

When are the Nitro Picks prizes awarded to the winners?

All prizes will be awarded within 24 to 48 hours and after verification of all entries and winning entries.

When can I start picking my picks in the Nitro Picks contest?

Each Nitro Picks contest will have different times of when they go “live”– or when users can start selecting their picks.

Regularly visit Nitrogen Sports Blog and follow us on Twitter and Facebook (@nitrogensports) for updates on when specific Nitro Picks contests will open..

When do Nitro Picks contests close for entries?

Generally, deadlines for each contest will be near the tip-off time/start of a particular matchup. The deadline for each contest will be prominently displayed on the matchup page.

 Are there any rollover requirements for this promotion?

All users are required to make a first-time deposit and provide significant action before being able to withdraw any winnings from Nitrogen Sports poker freerolls, contests, and free bets including these Nitro Picks contests.

 Can I enter more than one Nitro Picks contest?

Yes, you are allowed to join multiple Nitro Picks in a single day.

 Can I see the Nitro Picks entries of other players?

Yes. You can view the Nitro Picks submissions of other players, but only after the contest has been closed for entries.

Can I change my Nitro Picks after I have made my picks?

Yes. you can change your picks as long as the contest is open and accepting entries.

I see some errors in your Nitro Picks contest. Where can I send questions, clarifications and suggestions?

Email [email protected] for any queries regarding Nitro Picks.

What if something happens that is not covered by any of the rules above?

In cases where no rules can be applied, Nitrogen Sports reserves the right to apply their own judgement in handling and weighing the options to resolve issues. In cases where the judgement can/will affect multiple players, we try our hardest to ensure all decisions remain consistent across all player accounts.